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Tindouf  |  Tindouf

Le Mouggar in 1970 (Tindouf)

Tindouf (Berber: Tinduf, Arabic: تندوف‎) is the main town, and a commune in Tindouf Province, Algeria, close to the Mauritanian, Western Saharan and Moroccan borders. According to the 2008 census the commune has a population of 45,966, up from 25,266 in 1998, and an annual population growth rate of 6.3%.

The region is considered of strategic significance. It houses Algerian military bases and an airport with regular flights to Algiers as well as to other domestic destinations. The settlement of Garet Djebilet lies within the municipal territory of Tindouf near the border with Mauritania; the settlement has an iron mine and a defunct airport, and is approximately 70 kilometres (43 mi) northwest of Âouinet Bel Egrâ. Since 1975, it also contains several Sahrawi refugee camps operated by the Polisario Front, a national liberation movement seeking the self-determination of Western Sahara