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Chinguetti  |  Adrar

Adrar (in tifinagh alfabet "ⴰⴷⵔⴰⵔ"), a Berber word meaning "mountain", is the name of several areas in Northwest Africa:

  • Adrar, Algeria, a town in Algeria
  • Adrar Province, an administrative division of Algeria
  • Adrar District, a district of Adrar Province, Algeria
  • Adrar Afao, the highest peak in the Tassili n'Ajjer range in SE Algeria
  • Adrar Plateau, a natural and historical region of the Sahara in Mauritania
  • Adrar Region, an administrative division of Mauritania
  • Adrar n Jerjer, a mountain range of the Tell Atlas
  • Adrar des Ifoghas, a massif in the Kidal Region of Mali
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