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Saint Anne

Guernsey  |  Guernsey

Villages nearby

Auderville    (20 km)

Other locations nearby

Saint Anne Alderney    (very near)

Butes    (very near)

Crabby    (very near)

Newtown    (very near)

Roque Tourgis    (very near)

Arsenal Ground    (2 km)

SMS Baden    (18 km)

Goury    (19 km)

Landmarks nearby

Alderney concentration camps    (very near)

Valley Gardens    (very near)

Druid s Altar    (very near)

Fort Tourgis    (1 km)

Mignot Memorial Hospital    (very near)

Braye Harbour    (2 km)

Essex Castle    (2 km)

Fort Clonque    (2 km)

Fort Les Homeaux Florains    (4 km)

Houmet HerbĂ©    (4 km)

Raz Blanchard    (10 km)

VendĂ©miaire    (11 km)

Casquets lighthouses    (12 km)