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Frankfurt Nordend

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Nordend-WestNordend-Ost  is located in Germany

Nordend-West and Nordend-Ost are two city districts of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The division into a western and an eastern part is mostly for administrative purposes as the Nordend is generally considered an entity. Both city districts are part of the Ortsbezirk Innenstadt III.

As a whole, the Nordend is the second largest district by population in Frankfurt after Sachsenhausen. It is located north of Frankfurt's city centre and borders the Westend to the west, the Ostend to the east and Dornbusch and Eckenheim to the north.

The Nordend is popular for its bohemian mix of restaurants, cafés and bars. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Nordend was one of the centers of the student riots in Germany, along with Hamburg and Berlin. The former German foreign minister's Joschka Fischer political career started here as a student leader for the Green Party. In the 2006 local elections, Fischer's Green Party became the biggest party in the local district assembly, called "Ortsbeirat".

Up until today, the Nordend has a vibrant mix of artists, working-class people, students, drop-outs, gays and lesbians, and - as of recently - bankers and consultants. The students of the seventies still live here, but they are now best-agers with a high disposable income, which they spend in local wine stores and organic grocery stores.


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Aiport Frankfurt    (15 km)

Airport Frankfurt Main    (15 km)

Büdesheim    (15 km)

Burgholzhausen    (15 km)

Burgholzhausen vor der Höhe    (15 km)

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Niederwöllstadt    (18 km)

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Schneidhain    (18 km)

Urberach    (18 km)

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Wolfgang    (20 km)

Landmarks nearby

Café Milani    (1 km)

Friedberger Tor    (very near)

German National Library    (1 km)

Hauptsynagoge    (1 km)

Konstablerwache    (1 km)

Pariser Hof    (1 km)

Philanthropin    (very near)

Amerikanisches Generalkonsulat in Frankfurt    (2 km)

Braubachstraße    (2 km)

Bundesliga scandal    (2 km)

Bundesliga Skandal    (2 km)

Consulate General of the United States    (2 km)

Deutsche Vermögensberatung    (2 km)

Dreikönigskirche Frankfurt    (2 km)

European Central Bank    (2 km)

Frankfurt western stations    (2 km)

Frankfurter Westbahnhöfe    (2 km)

Hauptfriedhof Frankfurt    (2 km)

Opernplatz    (2 km)

Römerberg    (2 km)

Rothschildpark    (2 km)

Westendhall    (2 km)

Württemberger Hof    (2 km)

You FM    (2 km)

Deutsche Bundesbank    (3 km)

Frankfurt Book Fair    (3 km)

Frankfurt University Library    (3 km)

Frankfurter Buchmesse    (3 km)

Institut für Sozialforschung    (3 km)

Institute for Social Research    (3 km)

Messe Frankfurt    (3 km)

Palmengarten    (3 km)

Palmengarten Frankfurt    (3 km)

Philosophisch Theologische Hochschule Sankt Georgen    (3 km)

Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology    (3 km)

Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste Städelschule    (3 km)

Städelschule    (3 km)

Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg    (3 km)

Max Planck Institut für Hirnforschung    (4 km)

Max Planck Institute for Brain Research    (4 km)

ATP Frankfurt    (5 km)

Büsing Palais    (5 km)

Deutscher Wetterdienst    (5 km)

Isenburger Schloss    (5 km)

Max Planck Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte    (5 km)

Max Planck Institute for European History of Law    (5 km)

Neckermann    (5 km)

Nida    (5 km)

Novotny Mähner Assoziierte    (5 km)

P&T Parkett Frankfurt    (5 km)

Tenovis    (5 km)

Passauer Vertrag    (6 km)

Peace of Passau    (6 km)

Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies    (7 km)

Max Planck Institut für Biophysik    (7 km)

Max Planck Institute for Biophysics    (7 km)

Nordwestkreuz Frankfurt    (7 km)

Burgfestspiele Bad Vilbel    (8 km)

Rumpenheimer Schloss    (8 km)

Bad Homburger Kreuz    (9 km)

Weißkirchen radio transmitter    (9 km)

Arboretum Main Taunus    (10 km)

Frankfurter Kreuz    (10 km)

Maintal Dörnigheim Ferry    (10 km)

Saint Justin s Church Frankfurt Höchst    (11 km)

Schloss Heusenstamm    (11 km)

Hoechst AG    (12 km)

Braun    (13 km)

Church of the Redeemer Bad Homburg    (13 km)

Jahrhunderthalle    (13 km)

Motorenfabrik Oberursel    (13 km)

Schloss Bad Homburg    (13 km)

Camp King    (14 km)

KZ Außenlager Walldorf    (14 km)

KZ Walldorf    (14 km)

Schloss Philippsruhe    (14 km)

Schloss Phillipsruhe    (14 km)

Wilhelmsbad    (14 km)

Burg Kronberg    (15 km)

Gotisches Haus    (15 km)

Krifteler Dreieck    (15 km)

Kronberg Castle    (15 km)

Heidetrank Oppidum    (16 km)

Schloss Wolfsgarten    (16 km)

Wallonisch Niederländische Kirche    (16 km)

Burg Nürings    (17 km)

Kempinski Hotel Falkenstein    (17 km)

Mönchhof Dreieck    (18 km)

Rhein Main Verkehrsverbund    (18 km)

Schloß Naumburg    (18 km)

Freizeitpark Lochmühle    (19 km)

Großkrotzenburg Power Station    (19 km)

Heidenstock    (19 km)

Kleinkastell Heidenstock    (19 km)

Kleinkastell Lochmühle    (19 km)

Kleinkastell Saalburg 1    (19 km)

Kraftwerk Staudinger    (19 km)

Kleinkastell Altes Jagdhaus    (20 km)

Churches nearby

Dominican Monastery    (1 km)

Dominikanerkloster    (1 km)

Liebfrauenkirche    (1 km)

St Paul s Church    (1 km)

St Paul s Church Frankfurt am Main    (1 km)

Alte Nikolaikirche    (2 km)

Frankfurt Cathedral    (2 km)

Frankfurter Dom    (2 km)

Kaiserdom St Bartholomäus    (2 km)

Katharinenkirche    (2 km)

Leonhardskirche    (2 km)

Old St Nicholas church    (2 km)

Sankt Leonhard    (2 km)

St Catherine s Church    (2 km)

St Catherine s Church Frankfurt    (2 km)