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Ergun City

Hulunbuir  |  Nei Mongol

Ergun is located in Inner Mongolia

Ergun (Chinese: 额尔古纳市, É'ěrgǔnà Shì; Mongolian: Эргүн Ergün), formerly Ergun Right Banner (Mongolian: ᠡᠷᠬᠥᠨ᠎ᠠ ᠬᠣᠲᠠ Эргүнэ хот; Chinese: 额尔古纳右旗; pinyin: ), is a county-level city in China's autonomous region of Inner Mongolia. Administratively, Ergun is part of the prefecture-level city of Hulunbuir. It occupies 28,400 km² on the right (south-eastern) bank of the Argun River, which forms China's border with Russia's Zabaykalsky Krai (formerly, Chita Oblast).

The county-level city had the population of 85162 people as of 2006.


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