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Xingtai  |  Hebei

Baixiang County is located in Hebei

Baixiang County (simplified Chinese: 柏乡县; traditional Chinese: 柏鄉縣; pinyin: ) is a county of southwestern Hebei province, China. It is under the administration of Xingtai City, with a population of 180,000 residing in an area of 268 km (103 sq mi). It lies generally to the east of G4 Beijing–Hong Kong–Macau Expressway and China National Highway 107. The Baixiang County is known as being the former capital of the state of Xiang (襄國) of the Southern Huns state Later Zhao, described in the Fang Xuanling Book of Jin Chapter 104, was located in the territory of the county. It was a place of the 351 CE Battle of Xiangguo between Ran Min's army and Shi Zhi of Later Zhao. After the battle, the Later Zhao general Liu Xian (劉顯) killed Shi Zhi in Xiangguo, the Xiangguo city was burned, and its population moved to Yecheng.


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