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Sindou  |  Léraba

Skyline of the town of Sindou from the "pics de Sindou"

Sindou is a town located in the province of Léraba in Burkina Faso. It is the capital of Léraba Province and the Sindou Department.

Sindou is a simple but lively town, with roadside kiosks, and stalls that serve rice. Tiemoko Ouattara is president of the local tourist association known as the Soutrala Terya Association.

Locals celebrate marriages or funerals with balafon drums and there is traditional dancing all day for two weeks around Ramadan and Eid al-Adha. For ritual dancing, the women and girls dress up in bras and skirts with colorful Christmas garlands and have their faces and bodies painted. They dance in a large circle around trees from dawen till dusk in the old sector of Sindou during rituals times.

In 2005, the town was still without electricity, although it was scheduled to be installed in 2006.

There are numerous restaurants in the town, notably Chez Paul's which is located across from Sindou Police Station on the main road. It is known for its guinea-fowl soup or riz sauce and also serves spaghetti or chicken. Chez Bima's located across from Sindou petrol station has an outdoor dancing area with spotlights that is popular for parties at the weekend. Several kiosks serve grilled mutton and goat, and stalls selling riz sauce, fried plantains, yams, beans, oranges bananas and salads.


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