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London Borough of Southwark

Surrey  |  England

Coat of arms of London Borough of Southwark

The London Borough of Southwark /ˈsʌðərk/ in south London, England forms part of Inner London and is connected by bridges across the River Thames to the City of London. It was created in 1965 when three smaller council areas amalgamated under the London Government Act 1963. All districts of the area are within the London postal district. It is governed by Southwark London Borough Council.

That part of the South Bank within the borough is home to London Bridge terminus station and the attractions of The Shard, Tate Modern, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, and Borough Market that are the largest of the venues in Southwark to draw domestic and international tourism. Dulwich is home to the Dulwich Picture Gallery and the Imperial War Museum is in Elephant and Castle.


Big cities nearby

London    (2 km)

Big Towns nearby

Bermondsey    (very near)

County Fermanagh    (2 km)

Towns nearby

Lambeth    (2 km)

Waterloo    (2 km)

Smaller towns nearby

Blackfriars    (2 km)

Blackfriars London    (2 km)

Other locations nearby

Bankside    (1 km)

Billingsgate    (1 km)

Edward Seymour    (1 km)

Elephant & Castle    (very near)

Elephant and Castle    (very near)

Elephant Castle railway station    (very near)

Francis Weston    (1 km)

George Boleyn    (1 km)

Henry Norris    (1 km)

London Bridge    (very near)

London Bridge Station    (very near)

Mark Smeaton    (1 km)

Massacre of St George s Fields    (very near)

Metropolitan Borough of Bermondsey    (1 km)

Metropolitan Borough of Southwark    (very near)

Newington Butts    (1 km)

Pool of London    (1 km)

Puddle Dock    (1 km)

Southwark St George the Martyr    (very near)

St Katharine Docks    (1 km)

The Shard    (very near)

Thomas Cromwell    (1 km)

Thomas More    (1 km)

Thomas Seymour    (1 km)

Tower    (1 km)

William Brereton    (1 km)

Aldersgate    (2 km)

Aldgate    (2 km)

Barbican tube station    (2 km)

Bermondsey and Old Southwark    (2 km)

Bishop s    (2 km)

Bishopsgate    (2 km)

Blackfriars Station    (2 km)

Central Criminal Court    (2 km)

City Thameslink Railway Station    (2 km)

Cripplegate    (2 km)

Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom    (2 km)

Fenchurch Street    (2 km)

Fenchurch Street Railway Station    (2 km)

Knife Edge Two Piece 1962 65    (2 km)

Liverpool Street Station    (2 km)

London South East    (2 km)

Newgate    (2 km)

Old Bailey    (2 km)

Old Kent Road    (2 km)

Our Greatest Team Parade    (2 km)

Parliament of the United Kingdom    (2 km)

Prince s    (2 km)

South Bank    (2 km)

South East London    (2 km)

Spitalfields    (2 km)

St Agnes Place    (2 km)

St George in the East    (2 km)

The Oval    (2 km)

Thomas Darcy    (2 km)

Walbrook    (2 km)

Walworth    (2 km)

Wapping    (2 km)

Whitechapel    (2 km)

Wood Street    (2 km)

Woolsack    (2 km)

Landmarks nearby

Bermondsey Market    (very near)

Bermondsey Square    (very near)

Clink Street    (very near)

John Harvard Library    (very near)

Little Dorrit s Playground    (very near)

Long Lane    (very near)

Mandela Way T 34 Tank    (very near)

Marshalsea Road    (very near)

Newington Causeway    (very near)

Southwark Bridge Road    (very near)

The View from The Shard    (very near)

The Wheatsheaf    (very near)

Anchor Terrace    (very near)

Anglican Diocese of Southwark    (very near)

Baylis Road    (1 km)

Bermondsey Spa Gardens    (1 km)

Bricklayers Arms    (very near)

Byward Street    (1 km)

East Street Market    (very near)

Feminist Library    (very near)

Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park    (1 km)

Grange Walk    (very near)

Great Tower Street    (1 km)

Jacob s Island    (1 km)

Kagyu Samye Dzong London    (very near)

Kennington Road    (1 km)

London Centre of Contemporary Music    (very near)

London Mithraeum    (1 km)

London Stone    (1 km)

Lower Marsh    (1 km)

Millennium Bridge Inclined Lift    (1 km)

Ministry of Sound    (very near)

Monument Square    (1 km)

Newington Gardens    (very near)

North Southwark and Bermondsey    (1 km)

Ofcom    (1 km)

Old Red Lion    (1 km)

South Bank Technopark    (very near)

Steelyard    (1 km)

Surrey Institution    (1 km)

Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant    (1 km)

Thames Street    (1 km)

The Cut    (1 km)

The London Bridge Experience    (very near)

The Queen s Walk    (1 km)

The Scoop    (very near)

The Shipwrights Arms    (very near)

The Tower of London    (1 km)

Tooley Street    (very near)

Tower Green    (1 km)

Traitors Gate    (1 km)

Union Theatre    (very near)

West Square    (1 km)

Westminster Bridge Road    (1 km)

William Curtis Ecological Park    (1 km)

Winchester Palace    (very near)

1993 Bishopsgate bombing    (2 km)

2009 G 20 London summit protests    (2 km)

Actorworks    (2 km)

Advisory Service for Squatters    (2 km)

Albion Chapel    (2 km)

Alsatia    (2 km)

Altab Ali Park    (2 km)

Amen Corner    (2 km)

Arundel House    (2 km)

Ave Maria Lane    (2 km)

Basinghall Street    (2 km)

Battle of Britain Monument    (2 km)

Baynard s Castle    (2 km)

Bevis Marks    (2 km)

Bishops Square    (2 km)

Bishopsgate Library    (2 km)

Blackfriars Ships    (2 km)

Blue Elephant Theatre    (2 km)

Boosey Hawkes    (2 km)

Bouverie Street    (2 km)

Burgess Park    (2 km)

Buxton Memorial Fountain    (2 km)

Camomile Street    (2 km)

Cannon Row Police Station    (2 km)

Catherine Eddowes    (2 km)

Cecil House    (2 km)

Chartered Quality Institute    (2 km)

Charterhouse Street    (2 km)

Christ Church Newgate    (2 km)

Christopher Morris    (2 km)

Cloth Fair    (2 km)

Club Gascon    (2 km)

Cock Lane    (2 km)

Crosswall    (2 km)

Cuper s Gardens    (2 km)

Decapitation of a statue of Margaret Thatcher    (2 km)

Dirty Dick    (2 km)

East Smithfield    (2 km)

Ede Ravenscroft    (2 km)

Elizabeth Boleyn    (2 km)

Elizabeth Stride    (2 km)

Exchange Alley    (2 km)

Execution Dock    (2 km)

Finsbury Circus    (2 km)

Finsbury Pavement    (2 km)

Finsbury Square    (2 km)

Flower and Dean Street    (2 km)

Foster Lane    (2 km)

Giltspur Street    (2 km)

Grange City Hotel    (2 km)

Great Conduit    (2 km)

Great Eastern Main Line    (2 km)

Great Fire of London    (2 km)

Grecian Coffee House    (2 km)

Grub Street    (2 km)

Hand and Shears    (2 km)

Henriques Street    (2 km)

Hercules Road    (2 km)

Holy Trinity Priory    (2 km)

House of Commons Library    (2 km)

House of Lords Library    (2 km)

Institute of Social Psychology    (2 km)

International Maritime Organization    (2 km)

Jamaica Wine House    (2 km)

Jubilee Gardens    (2 km)

Jubilee Greenway    (2 km)

Jubilee Walkway    (2 km)

Kennington Cross    (2 km)

Kennington Park    (2 km)

Kennington Park Road    (2 km)

King s Stairs Gardens    (2 km)

Lambeth Palace Road    (2 km)

Lambeth Road    (2 km)

Lambeth Walk    (2 km)

Lancaster Place    (2 km)

Leadenhall Market    (2 km)

Leake Street    (2 km)

Lloyd s of London    (2 km)

London Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange    (2 km)

London Dungeon    (2 km)

London Stock Exchange    (2 km)

London Wall    (2 km)

Lord Nelson    (2 km)

Lorrimore Square    (2 km)

Ludgate    (2 km)

Mary Jane Kelly    (2 km)

Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice    (2 km)

Minerva Building    (2 km)

Mitre Square    (2 km)

Montfichet s Tower    (2 km)

Moorfields    (2 km)

National Submarine War Memorial    (2 km)

Nesta    (2 km)

New Palace Yard    (2 km)

Oat Lane    (2 km)

Parliament Square Peace Campaign    (2 km)

Parliamentary Archives    (2 km)

Paternoster Row    (2 km)

Peacock Theatre    (2 km)

Pennsylvania Coffee House    (2 km)

Printing House Square    (2 km)

PS Tattershall Castle    (2 km)

Raine s House    (2 km)

Ratcliff Highway murders    (2 km)

Raven Row    (2 km)

Roman Baths    (2 km)

Royal Exchange London    (2 km)

Samuel Pepys    (2 km)

Savage Club    (2 km)

School of Community and Health Sciences    (2 km)

Smithfield    (2 km)

Smithfield London    (2 km)

Snow Hill Tunnel    (2 km)

St Alphage Garden    (2 km)

St Bride Library    (2 km)

St Martin s Le Grand    (2 km)

St Thomas s Hospital Medical School    (2 km)

Strand London    (2 km)

Strangers Bar    (2 km)

Strangers Gallery    (2 km)

Temple Bar London    (2 km)

The Beaver    (2 km)

The Burghers of Calais    (2 km)

The Cenotaph Whitehall    (2 km)

The Marine Society College of the Sea    (2 km)

The Punch Tavern    (2 km)

The Spitz    (2 km)

The Tipperary    (2 km)

The Wayout Club    (2 km)

Vauxhall City Farm    (2 km)

Victoria Embankment    (2 km)

Victoria Embankment Gardens    (2 km)

Victoria Tower Gardens    (2 km)

Villiers Street    (2 km)

Wellclose Square    (2 km)

Westminster Bank    (2 km)

White Bear Theatre    (2 km)

White Tower    (2 km)

Whitechapel High Street    (2 km)

Wool House    (2 km)

Worshipful Company of Cutlers    (2 km)

Worshipful Company of Grocers    (2 km)

Wych Street    (2 km)

12 Downing Street    (3 km)

20 Frith Street    (3 km)

Academy of St Martin in the Fields    (3 km)

Altitude 360    (3 km)

Annie Chapman    (3 km)

Artillery Ground    (3 km)

Ashburnham House    (3 km)

Ashwell House    (3 km)

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants    (3 km)

ATC Theatre    (3 km)

Athenaeum Club London    (3 km)

Churches nearby

St George the Martyr Southwark    (very near)

All Hallows by the Tower    (1 km)

All Hallows the Great    (1 km)

All Hallows the Less    (1 km)

ChristChurch London    (1 km)

Holy Trinity the Less    (1 km)

King s Weigh House    (1 km)

Metropolitan Tabernacle    (very near)

Southwark Cathedral    (very near)

St Andrew Hubbard    (1 km)

St Ann Blackfriars    (very near)

St Benet Gracechurch    (1 km)

St Botolph Billingsgate    (1 km)

St Clement Eastcheap    (1 km)

St Clement s    (1 km)

St Dunstan in the East    (1 km)

St George Botolph Lane    (1 km)

St George s Cathedral Southwark    (1 km)

St James Garlickhythe    (1 km)

St John Horsleydown    (very near)

St John the Baptist upon Walbrook    (1 km)

St Magnus the Martyr    (1 km)

St Margaret    (1 km)

St Margaret Pattens    (1 km)

St Martin Orgar    (1 km)

St Martin Pomary    (1 km)

St Martin Vintry    (1 km)

St Mary Abchurch    (1 km)

St Mary at Hill    (1 km)

St Mary Bothaw    (1 km)

St Mary Colechurch    (1 km)

St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey    (very near)

St Mary Mounthaw    (1 km)

St Mary Somerset    (1 km)

St Mary Woolchurch Haw    (1 km)

St Michael    (1 km)

St Michael Paternoster Royal    (1 km)

St Michael Queenhithe    (1 km)

St Mildred    (1 km)

St Nicholas Acons    (1 km)

St Olave s Church    (very near)

St Swithin    (1 km)

St Thomas Church    (very near)

St Thomas the Apostle    (1 km)

Welsh Congregational Chapel    (very near)

All Hallows Honey Lane    (2 km)

All Hallows Lombard Street    (2 km)

All Hallows on the Wall    (2 km)

All Hallows Staining    (2 km)

Austin Friars    (2 km)

Christ Church Greyfriars    (2 km)

Church of St Mary Axe    (2 km)

City Temple    (2 km)

College of Minor Canons    (2 km)

Dutch Church Austin Friars    (2 km)

Enon Chapel    (2 km)

Finsbury Chapel    (2 km)

Holy Trinity Gough Square    (2 km)

Hospital of St Thomas of Acre    (2 km)

Old St Paul s Cathedral    (2 km)

Paul s walk    (2 km)

Savoy Chapel    (2 km)

St Alban    (2 km)

St Alphage London Wall    (2 km)

St Andrew by the Wardrobe    (2 km)

St Andrew Holborn    (2 km)

St Andrew s    (2 km)

St Andrew Undershaft    (2 km)

St Anne and St Agnes    (2 km)

St Antholin    (2 km)

St Audoen within Newgate    (2 km)

St Augustine Papey    (2 km)

St Augustine Watling Street    (2 km)

St Bartholomew by the Exchange    (2 km)

St Bartholomew the Great    (2 km)

St Bartholomew the Less    (2 km)

St Benet Fink    (2 km)

St Benet Paul s Wharf    (2 km)

St Benet s    (2 km)

St Benet Sherehog    (2 km)

St Benet Welsh Church    (2 km)

St Botolph s Aldersgate    (2 km)

St Botolph s Aldgate    (2 km)

St Botolph without Bishopsgate    (2 km)

St Bride s    (2 km)

St Bride s Church    (2 km)

St Christopher le Stocks    (2 km)

St Clement Danes    (2 km)

St Dionis Backchurch    (2 km)

St Dunstan in the West    (2 km)

St Edmund    (2 km)

St Edmund King and Martyr    (2 km)

St Ethelburga s Bishopsgate    (2 km)

St Faith under St Paul s    (2 km)

St Gabriel Fenchurch    (2 km)

St George s German Lutheran Church    (2 km)

St Giles without Cripplegate    (2 km)

St Gregory by St Paul s    (2 km)

St Helen Bishopsgate    (2 km)

St James Duke s Place    (2 km)

St John the Evangelist Friday Street    (2 km)

St John Zachary    (2 km)

St Katharine Cree    (2 km)

St Katherine Coleman    (2 km)

St Lawrence Jewry    (2 km)

St Leonard    (2 km)

St Margaret Lothbury    (2 km)

St Mark s Church    (2 km)

St Martin    (2 km)

St Martin Outwich    (2 km)

St Mary Aldermanbury    (2 km)

St Mary Aldermary    (2 km)

St Mary le Bow    (2 km)

St Mary le Strand    (2 km)

St Mary Magdalen    (2 km)

St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street    (2 km)

St Mary Matfelon    (2 km)

St Mary Moorfields    (2 km)

St Mary Staining    (2 km)

St Mary Undercroft    (2 km)

St Mary Woolnoth    (2 km)

St Matthew Friday Street    (2 km)

St Michael Bassishaw    (2 km)

St Michael le Querne    (2 km)

St Michael Wood Street    (2 km)

St Nicholas Cole Abbey    (2 km)

St Nicholas Olave    (2 km)

St Nicholas Shambles    (2 km)

St Olave Hart Street    (2 km)

St Olave Old Jewry    (2 km)

St Olave Silver Street    (2 km)

St Peter le Poer    (2 km)

St Peter upon Cornhill    (2 km)

St Sepulchre without Newgate    (2 km)

St Stephen Coleman Street    (2 km)

St Vedast Foster Lane    (2 km)

The Temple Church    (2 km)