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Hertfordshire  |  England

Hertfordshire within England

Hertfordshire (/ˈhɑrtfərdʃɪər/; abbreviated Herts) is a county in southern England, bordered by Bedfordshire to the north, Cambridgeshire to the north-east, Essex to the east, Buckinghamshire to the west and Greater London to the south.

Four towns have between 50,000 and 100,000 residents: Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, Watford and St Albans. The county town, Hertford, once the main market town for the medieval agricultural county ranks 13th in population today deriving its name from a hart (stag) and a ford used as the components of the county's coat of arms and flag. Elevations are high for the region in the north and west. These reach over 240m in the western projection around Tring which is in the Chilterns. The county's borders are approximately the watersheds of the Colne and Lea, which flow southwards each accompanied by a canal. Hertfordshire is at the edge of the London Basin and most of its undeveloped land is agricultural and protected as Metropolitan Green Belt. The volume of intact medieval and Tudor buildings surpasses London, in places in well-preserved conservation areas, especially in St Albans which includes some remains of Verulamium, the town where in the third century AD an early recorded British martyrdom took place. Saint Alban, a Romano-British soldier, took the place of a Christian priest and was beheaded on Holywell Hill. His martyr's cross of a yellow saltire on a blue background is reflected in the flag and coat of arms of Hertfordshire.

The county's landmarks span many centuries, ranging from the six 'Hills', next to the New Town of Stevenage built by inhabitants during the Roman Britain centuries, to Leavesden Film Studios. Leavesden filmed much of the UK-based $7.7 Bn box office Harry Potter film series and has the country's studio tour. The largest sector of the economy of the county is services and it has a large proportion of residents who are City of London commuters. Ten railway lines and three motorways pass through or reach into the county.

In 2013, the county had a population of 1,140,700 living in an area of 634 square miles (1,640 km).


Big cities nearby

St Albans    (12 km)

Barnet    (20 km)

High Barnet    (20 km)

London Borough of Barnet    (20 km)

Big Towns nearby

Stevenage    (9 km)

Hemel Hempstead    (18 km)

Cheshunt    (19 km)

Dunstable    (19 km)

Towns nearby

Wheathampstead    (4 km)

Colney Heath    (10 km)

Redbourn    (11 km)

Stopsley    (12 km)

London Colney    (13 km)

Flamstead    (14 km)

Park Street    (14 km)

Lewsey    (17 km)

Radlett    (17 km)

Radlett Railway Station    (17 km)

Leavesden    (18 km)

Sundon Park    (18 km)

Aldenham    (19 km)

Arlesey    (19 km)

Kings Langley    (19 km)

Stotfold    (20 km)

Smaller towns nearby

Welwyn    (4 km)

Knebworth    (5 km)

Woolmer Green    (5 km)

King s Walden    (8 km)

Kings Walden    (8 km)

Watton at Stone    (9 km)

St Ippolyts    (10 km)

Stapleford    (10 km)

Welham Green    (11 km)

Welham Green Railway Station    (11 km)

Offley    (12 km)

Brookmans Park    (13 km)

Slip End    (13 km)

Chiswell Green    (14 km)

Markyate    (15 km)

Weston    (15 km)

Bricket Wood    (16 km)

Caddington    (16 km)

Little Amwell    (16 km)

Shenley    (16 km)

Shenley AV    (16 km)

Cuffley    (17 km)

Cuffley Railway Station    (17 km)

Ickleford    (17 km)

Kensworth    (18 km)

Shillington    (18 km)

Stanstead St Margarets    (18 km)

Barton le Clay    (19 km)

Standon    (19 km)

Stanstead Abbots    (19 km)

Stanstead Abbotts    (19 km)

Stondon    (19 km)

Studham    (19 km)

Villages nearby

Tewin    (6 km)

Hyde    (9 km)

Smallford    (9 km)

Preston    (10 km)

Benington    (11 km)

Sacombe    (13 km)

Tonwell    (13 km)

Frogmore    (14 km)

Thundridge    (16 km)

South Mimms    (17 km)

Cottered    (18 km)

Rushden    (18 km)

Hunton Bridge    (19 km)

Letchmore Heath    (19 km)

Lower Sundon    (19 km)

Whipsnade    (19 km)

Upper Sundon    (20 km)

Other locations nearby

Ayot Saint Lawrence    (1 km)

Ayot St Peter    (1 km)

Ayot Green    (2 km)

Ayot Saint Peter    (3 km)

Digswell    (4 km)

High Welwyn    (4 km)

Lemsford    (4 km)

Whitwell    (4 km)

Kimpton    (5 km)

St Paul s Walden    (5 km)

Batford    (6 km)

Datchworth    (6 km)

Langley Hertfordshire    (6 km)

Panshanger    (6 km)

Saint Pauls Walden    (6 km)

Chiltern Green    (8 km)

East Hyde    (8 km)

Hyde Bedfordshire    (8 km)

New Mill End    (8 km)

Old Hatfield    (8 km)

Pishiobury    (8 km)

Stevenage Railway Station    (8 km)

Zouches Farm    (8 km)

Aston    (9 km)

Aston Hertfordshire    (9 km)

Bramfield    (9 km)

Bramfield Hertfordshire    (9 km)

Cole Green    (9 km)

Harpenden RFC    (9 km)

Hertingfordbury    (9 km)

Newmill End    (9 km)

Shephall    (9 km)

Stevenage Old Town    (9 km)

Aston End    (10 km)

Bernards Heath    (10 km)

Essendon    (10 km)

Essendon Hertfordshire    (10 km)

Fleetville    (10 km)

Kinsbourne Green    (10 km)

Letty Green    (10 km)

Redbournbury    (10 km)

Stapleford Hertfordshire    (10 km)

The Camp    (10 km)

Ashbrook    (11 km)

Charlton    (11 km)

Gosmore    (11 km)

Ippollitts    (11 km)

Little Wymondley    (11 km)

Luton Airport Parkway Railway Station    (11 km)

St Albans Rural    (11 km)

Waterford    (11 km)

Bengeo    (12 km)

Benington Hertfordshire    (12 km)

Chapmore End    (12 km)

Chesfield    (12 km)

Great Offley    (12 km)

Great Wymondley    (12 km)

Little Berkhampstead    (12 km)

Little Berkhamsted    (12 km)

Luton Railway Station    (12 km)

Luton Rural    (12 km)

North Mymms    (12 km)

Verulamium    (12 km)

Whempstead    (12 km)

Bayford    (13 km)

Graveley    (13 km)

Lilley Hertfordshire    (13 km)

Napsbury Park    (13 km)

Park Street Railway Station    (13 km)

Pepperstock    (13 km)

Sacomb    (13 km)

Trowley Bottom    (13 km)

Walkern    (13 km)

Woodside    (13 km)

Aley Green    (14 km)

Hertford Rural    (14 km)

How Wood Railway Station    (14 km)

Lilley    (14 km)

Little Munden    (14 km)

Lower Woodside    (14 km)

Sacombe Green    (14 km)

Walsworth    (14 km)

Willian    (14 km)

Ardeley    (15 km)

Brickendon    (15 km)

Hertford Heath    (15 km)

Newgate Street    (15 km)

Ridge    (15 km)

Wadesmill    (15 km)

Weston Hertfordshire    (15 km)

Adeyfield    (16 km)

Clothall    (16 km)

Great Amwell    (16 km)

Highfield    (16 km)

Hitchin Rural    (16 km)

Leverstock Green    (16 km)

Northaw    (16 km)

Pirton    (16 km)

Pirton Hertfordshire    (16 km)

Shenley Hertfordshire    (16 km)

Amwell    (17 km)

Bedmond    (17 km)

Bennetts End    (17 km)

Cherry Green    (17 km)

Cold Christmas    (17 km)

Great Gaddesden    (17 km)

Hexton    (17 km)

Leavesden Green    (17 km)

Leavesdon    (17 km)

Nash Mills    (17 km)

Pegsdon    (17 km)

Piccotts End    (17 km)

Potters Bar Urban    (17 km)

Skimpot    (17 km)

Apsley    (18 km)

Apsley Hertfordshire    (18 km)

Goffs Oak    (18 km)

Hemel Hempstead Rural    (18 km)

Norton    (18 km)

Rushden Hertfordshire    (18 km)

Streatley Bedfordshire    (18 km)

Wareside    (18 km)

Well End    (18 km)

Boxmoor    (19 km)

Crews Hill    (19 km)

Elstree Rural    (19 km)

Fairfield Park    (19 km)

Garston    (19 km)

Garston railway station    (19 km)

Hemel Hempstead railway station    (19 km)

Higham Gobion    (19 km)

Holywell    (19 km)

Meadow Park    (19 km)

Puckeridge    (19 km)

Round Bush    (19 km)

Wormley    (19 km)

Chalton    (20 km)

Chaulden    (20 km)

Church End    (20 km)

Henlow Camp    (20 km)

Lower Stondon    (20 km)

North Watford    (20 km)

Standon Hertfordshire    (20 km)

Landmarks nearby

Shaw s Corner    (1 km)

Conservative Campaign Headquarters    (2 km)

Codicote FC    (3 km)

Digswell Park    (3 km)

Hitchin and Harpenden    (3 km)

Sherrardspark Wood    (3 km)

Knebworth House    (5 km)

Nomansland    (5 km)

Dunstable Branch Lines    (6 km)

Stanborough Park    (6 km)

Cole Green Way    (7 km)

Hatfield Business Park    (7 km)

Harpenden Town FC    (8 km)

Lydekker Park    (8 km)

Minsden Chapel    (8 km)

Rothamsted Park    (8 km)

Six Hills    (8 km)

Watton    (8 km)

Aston Bury    (9 km)

Childwickbury Manor    (9 km)

Ditchmore Lane    (9 km)

Rothamsted Manor    (9 km)

Someries Castle    (9 km)

Wain Wood    (9 km)

Benington Castle    (11 km)

Henry Percy    (11 km)

Kingsbury Castle    (11 km)

Church of Saint Leonard    (12 km)

Hartham Common    (12 km)

Hertford Castle    (12 km)

Luton Castle    (12 km)

St Andrew Street    (12 km)

Verlamion    (12 km)

Verulamium Park    (12 km)

Water End Swallow Holes    (12 km)

Wymondley Castle    (12 km)

Balls Park    (13 km)

Brookmans Park transmitting station    (13 km)

Butts Close    (13 km)

Hitchin Town Cricket Club Ground    (13 km)

Stockwood Park    (13 km)

Wardown Park    (13 km)

All Saints Pastoral Centre    (14 km)

Barrowfield    (14 km)

Castle Lime Works Quarry    (14 km)

New River Path    (14 km)

South Mymms Castle    (14 km)

Christ Church Ware    (15 km)

Spielplatz    (15 km)

Tolmers Park    (15 km)

Wormley Hoddesdonpark Wood North    (15 km)

Abbey Line    (16 km)

Beechwood Park    (16 km)

Clothall Castle    (16 km)

Denis Compton Oval    (16 km)

East Herts Miniature Railway    (16 km)

Golden Parsonage    (16 km)

Kent Athletic FC    (16 km)

Pirton Toot Hill    (16 km)

Watling Chase Community Forest    (16 km)

Wilbury Hill Camp    (16 km)

Woollens Brook    (16 km)

Broxbornebury Park    (17 km)

Building Research Establishment    (17 km)

Carver Barracks    (17 km)

Keech Cottage    (17 km)

Leavesden Hospital    (17 km)

Norton Common    (17 km)

Standon Priory    (17 km)

Waulud s Bank    (17 km)

Brunton Memorial Ground    (18 km)

Church of St Nicholas    (18 km)

Magic Roundabout    (18 km)

Rawdon House    (18 km)

St Davids Lifeboat Station    (18 km)

Wall Hall    (18 km)

Warner s End    (18 km)

Watford Town Cricket Club Ground    (18 km)

Albert Square    (19 km)

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery    (19 km)

Barton Le Clay War Memorial    (19 km)

Broxbourne railway station    (19 km)

Dinas Rock    (19 km)

Dunstable Friary    (19 km)

Hadley Green    (19 km)

New River    (19 km)

Rye House Stadium    (19 km)

Saffron Green Meadows    (19 km)

Arkley Lane and Pastures    (20 km)

Barnet Countryside Centre    (20 km)

Bhaktivedanta Manor    (20 km)

Braughing Roman Town    (20 km)

Carthagena Weir    (20 km)

Covert Way    (20 km)

Henlow Stadium    (20 km)

Higham Gobion Castle    (20 km)

Monken Hadley Common    (20 km)

Ralph Sadler    (20 km)

WA Robertson memorial    (20 km)

Whipsnade Tree Cathedral    (20 km)

Churches nearby

St Helen s Church    (4 km)

Longmeadow Evangelical Church    (8 km)

St Nicholas Church    (8 km)

Cathedral and Abbey Church of Saint Alban    (11 km)

Ss Alban & Stephen Catholic Church    (11 km)

St Mary s Church    (12 km)

St Michael s Church    (12 km)

St Stephen s Church    (12 km)

All Saints Church    (13 km)

Markyate Priory    (15 km)

St Margaret Moses    (16 km)

St Faith s Church    (17 km)

St Mary s Church    (17 km)

Church of St Margaret    (18 km)

Church of St Mary the Virgin    (18 km)

Church of St Nicholas    (18 km)

St Margaret s church    (18 km)

St Nicholas Church    (18 km)

Church of St Mary    (19 km)

Church of St Mary    (19 km)

Dunstable Priory    (19 km)

Sundon Church    (19 km)

St James Church    (20 km)