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Downtown Cascavel

Cascavel is a municipality in western Paraná state, Brazil. It is the 5th most populous city in Paraná with a population of 305,615 inhabitants according to an estimate from IBGE in August 2013. The distance (by freeway) to Curitiba, the state capital, is 491 kilometers.

Relatively new and with a privileged topography, Cascavel's development was planned, which gives it wide streets and well distributed neighborhoods. With an area of 2,100,831 km², it is considered a strategic hub of Mercosul.

The city is on a plateau 781 meters above sea level. It is 504 km west of the state capital of Curitiba and 605 km west of the sea port of Paranaguá, 140 km from the 3 borders (Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil) at 24° 58' South, 53° 26' West.


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