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Coat of arms of State of Espírito Santo

Espírito Santo (Portuguese pronunciation: [esˈpiɾitu ˈsɐ̃tu]) is one of the states of southeastern Brazil, often referred to by the abbreviation "ES". Its capital is Vitória and the largest city is Vila Velha. The name of the state means literally "holy spirit" after the Holy Ghost of Christianity. With an extensive coastline (40% of the territory is on the coast), the state has some of the country's main ports, but the beaches are the most significant tourist attractions. Vitória, the capital, is on an island, next to Guarapari, well known for its sands. In the extreme north is the Itaúnas (pt) part of the municipality of Conceição da Barra, whose sand dunes and forró are famous. Also on the coast, the typical cuisine is another attraction with the moquecas capixabas and many fruits from the ocean and seafood. In the country of the state there are many natural attractions such as the parks of Pedra Azul and Serra do Caparaó (pt), and the Italian and German colonies.


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