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Fond du Lac  |  Wisconsin

A forest is a large area of land covered with trees or other woody vegetation. Hundreds of more precise definitions of forest are used throughout the world, incorporating factors such as tree density, tree height, land use, legal standing and ecological function. According to the widely-used United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization definition, forests covered an area of four billion hectares (15 million square miles) or approximately 30 percent of the world's land area in 2006.

Forests are the dominant terrestrial ecosystem on Earth, and are distributed across the globe. Forests account for 75% of the gross primary productivity of the Earth's biosphere, and contain 80% of the Earth's plant biomass.

Forests at different latitudes form distinctly different ecozones: boreal forests near the poles tend to consist of evergreens, while tropical forests near the equator tend to be distinct from the temperate forests at mid-latitude. The amount of precipitation and the elevation of the forest also affects forest composition.

Human society and forests influence each other in both positive and negative ways. Forests provide ecosystem services to humans, but also impose economic, environmental, health and aesthetic costs. Human interactions with the forest, including harvesting forest resources, affect the forest ecosystem.


Smaller towns nearby

Marshfield    (7 km)

Empire    (11 km)

Greenbush    (11 km)

Osceola    (12 km)

Saint Peter    (12 km)

St Peter    (12 km)

Taycheedah    (14 km)

Mitchell    (15 km)

Campbellsport    (20 km)

Villages nearby

Mount Calvary    (7 km)

Mount Calvary Wisconsin    (7 km)

St Cloud    (7 km)

Saint Cloud    (8 km)

Eden    (14 km)

Eden Wisconsin    (14 km)

Glenbeulah    (15 km)

Glenbeulah Wisconsin    (15 km)

Elkhart Lake    (17 km)

Russell    (17 km)

Elkhart Lake Wisconsin    (18 km)

Other locations nearby

Banner    (1 km)

Dotyville    (3 km)

Graham Corners    (6 km)

Armstrong    (7 km)

Calvary    (9 km)

St Joe    (10 km)

Chinatown    (11 km)

Hulls Crossing    (11 km)

Malone    (11 km)

Osceola Fond du Lac County Wisconsin    (12 km)

Johnsburg    (13 km)

Peebles    (13 km)

Silica    (13 km)

Waucousta    (13 km)

Dundee    (14 km)

German Corners    (14 km)

Hopokoekau Beach    (14 km)

Bergen Beach    (15 km)

Linden Beach    (15 km)

Marblehead    (15 km)

Minawa Beach    (15 km)

Parnell    (15 km)

Gladstone Beach    (16 km)

Laudolff Beach    (16 km)

Luco    (16 km)

Marytown    (16 km)

Saint Anna    (16 km)

Welling Beach    (16 km)

Winnebago Park    (16 km)

Highland Park    (17 km)

New Prospect    (17 km)

Winnebago Heights    (17 km)

Calumet Harbor    (18 km)

Pipe    (18 km)

Garnet    (19 km)

Pukwana Beach    (19 km)

Artesia Beach    (20 km)

Calumetville    (20 km)

Campbellsport Wisconsin    (20 km)

Landmarks nearby

Fond du Lac Light    (17 km)

Calumet Light    (18 km)

Churches nearby

West Greenbush Church    (8 km)

Saint Joseph Church    (10 km)

Saint Charles Chapel    (12 km)

Tabor Church    (12 km)

Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church    (13 km)

Saint Michael Church    (14 km)

All Saints Chapel    (16 km)

Bethel Church    (16 km)

Dorcas Chapel    (16 km)

Hope Lutheran Church    (16 km)

Saint James Church    (16 km)

Faith Lutheran Church    (17 km)

Martin Luther Latvian Church    (17 km)

Saint Matthews Methodist Church    (17 km)

Saint Paul United Church of Christ    (17 km)

Salem United Methodist Church    (17 km)

Seventh Day Adventist Church    (17 km)

Temple Beth Israel    (17 km)

Assembly of God Church    (18 km)

Baptist Church of Fond du Lac    (18 km)

Bible Baptist Church    (18 km)

Calvary Bible Church    (18 km)

Cathedral Church of Saint Paul    (18 km)

Division Street Methodist Episcopal Church    (18 km)

Episcopal Convent of the Holy Nativity    (18 km)

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church    (18 km)

Immanuel Trinity Lutheran Church    (18 km)

Our Saviours Evangelical Lutheran Church    (18 km)

Peace United Church of Christ    (18 km)

Plymouth Congregational Church    (18 km)

Presbyterian Church    (18 km)

Saint Josephs Roman Catholic Church    (18 km)

Saint Louis French Roman Catholic Church    (18 km)

Saint Marys Roman Catholic Church    (18 km)

Saint Patricks Roman Catholic Church    (18 km)

Saint Peters Lutheran Church    (18 km)

St Paul s Cathedral    (18 km)

Baptist Church of Campbellsport    (19 km)

Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses    (19 km)

Saint Matthews Catholic Church    (19 km)

Campbellsport United Church of Christ    (20 km)

Church of Christ Scientist    (20 km)

Congregational Church    (20 km)

Evangelical United Brethren Church    (20 km)

Memorial Baptist Church    (20 km)

Redeemer Lutheran Church    (20 km)

Saint John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church    (20 km)

Salem Evangelical and Reformed Church    (20 km)