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Wallingford may refer to:


Smaller towns nearby

Wallingford Vermont    (3 km)

Clarendon    (7 km)

Clarendon Vermont    (7 km)

Shrewsbury    (10 km)

Mount Holly    (12 km)

Shrewsbury Vermont    (12 km)

Danby    (13 km)

Mount Holly Vermont    (14 km)

West Rutland    (15 km)

West Rutland Vermont    (15 km)

Wells Vermont    (18 km)

Wells    (19 km)

Villages nearby

Ira    (10 km)

Ira Vermont    (10 km)

Middletown Springs    (12 km)

Middletown Springs Vermont    (12 km)

Mount Tabor    (14 km)

Other locations nearby

Timber Hill Estates    (1 km)

Chippenhook    (6 km)

East Clarendon    (7 km)

South Wallingford    (7 km)

Tinmouth    (7 km)

Tinmouth Vermont    (7 km)

Cuttingsville    (8 km)

Pierces Corner    (8 km)

Clarendon Springs    (9 km)

East Wallingford    (9 km)

Scottsville    (9 km)

Alfrecha    (10 km)

Bowlsville    (11 km)

North Clarendon    (11 km)

Billings Mobile Manor    (13 km)

Tarbellville    (13 km)

West Tinmouth    (13 km)

Belmont    (14 km)

Brookside Trailer Park    (14 km)

Burnham Hollow    (14 km)

Danby Four Corners    (14 km)

East Wells    (14 km)

Hortonville    (14 km)

North Shrewsbury    (14 km)

Center Rutland    (15 km)

Killington Heights    (15 km)

Russellville    (15 km)

Brookwood Estates    (16 km)

Durgy Hill Heights    (16 km)

Eastridge Acres    (16 km)

Grandview Acres    (16 km)

Bassett Development    (17 km)

Green Acres    (17 km)

Heritage Hill Development    (17 km)

Marolin Acres    (17 km)

Mount Holly Heights    (17 km)

South End    (17 km)

Blue Ridge Acres    (18 km)

Brewers Corner    (18 km)

Healdville    (18 km)

Chasanna Acres    (19 km)

Countryside Estates    (19 km)

East Poultney    (19 km)

Churches nearby

Baptist Church    (very near)

Saint Patricks Church    (very near)

Wallingford Congregational Church    (very near)

Clarendon Congregational Church    (5 km)

Tinmouth Methodist Church    (6 km)

Union Chapel    (7 km)

East Wallingford Baptist Church    (9 km)

Ira Baptist Church    (10 km)

Middletown Springs Community Church    (11 km)

Saint Annes Catholic Church    (11 km)

Church of Christ    (14 km)

Corner Church    (14 km)

Mountain of the Lord Church    (14 km)

Saint Joseph Novitiate    (14 km)

Saint Josephs Convent    (14 km)

Saint Peters Roman Catholic Church    (14 km)

St Peter s Church and Mount St Joseph Convent Complex    (14 km)

Advent Christian Church    (15 km)

Alliance Church of Rutland    (15 km)

Church of Christ the King Roman Catholic Church    (15 km)

Grace Congregational Church    (15 km)

Immaculater Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church    (15 km)

Messiah Lutheran Church    (15 km)

Methodist Church    (15 km)

Mount Saint Joseph Convent    (15 km)

Saint Pauls Universalist Church    (15 km)

Saint Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church    (15 km)

Salvation Army    (15 km)

Seventh Day Adventist Church    (15 km)

Trinity Episcopal Church    (15 km)

United Church of West Rutland    (15 km)

Calvary Bible Church    (16 km)

Church of Christ Scientist    (16 km)

Church of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church    (16 km)

Rutland Jewish Center    (16 km)

The Synagogue    (16 km)

Mill Village Chapel    (18 km)

Old Baptist Church    (19 km)

Saint John Episcopal Church    (19 km)