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Windham is an English surname, derived from the name of Wymondham, Norfolk. The pronunciation of that toponym had become indistinguishable from Windham in Late Middle English, and the ruling family of Wymondham began to write its name in this way from the time of Edward IV.


Towns nearby

Gray    (11 km)

Standish    (14 km)

Yarmouth    (18 km)

Smaller towns nearby

North Windham Maine    (2 km)

North Windham    (3 km)

Little Falls South Windham    (8 km)

South Windham    (8 km)

Raymond    (11 km)

Cumberland Center    (13 km)

Cumberland Center Maine    (13 km)

Cumberland Center Station    (14 km)

North Yarmouth    (15 km)

Falmouth Foreside    (19 km)

Falmouth Foreside Maine    (19 km)

Steep Falls    (19 km)

Villages nearby

Little Falls    (9 km)

Other locations nearby

Fosters Corner    (very near)

Gates Hill    (1 km)

Windham Center    (2 km)

Windham Hill    (2 km)

Baker Corner    (3 km)

Dolley Corner    (3 km)

Great Falls    (3 km)

Ireland Corner    (3 km)

North Gorham    (3 km)

Popeville    (3 km)

Glantz Corner    (4 km)

Lowells Corner    (5 km)

Scotland    (5 km)

Highland Lake    (6 km)

West Gray    (6 km)

Dog Corner    (7 km)

Newhall    (7 km)

North Falmouth    (7 km)

Blackstrap    (8 km)

Gag Corner    (8 km)

West Cumberland    (8 km)

White Rock    (8 km)

Frye Island    (9 km)

South Gray    (9 km)

Sebago Lake    (10 km)

Harmon Beach    (11 km)

Shaw Mills    (11 km)

Richville    (12 km)

West Falmouth Corner    (12 km)

Dry Mills    (13 km)

East Gray    (13 km)

Mosher Corner    (13 km)

Prides Corner    (13 km)

Suckerville    (13 km)

Walnut Hill    (13 km)

West Falmouth    (13 km)

East Raymond    (14 km)

North Gray    (14 km)

South Casco    (14 km)

Summit View Park    (14 km)

Village of Halidon    (14 km)

West Gorham    (14 km)

Elmwood    (15 km)

Grubb Hill    (15 km)

Riverton    (15 km)

Wards Cove    (15 km)

Chicopee    (16 km)

Cumberland Mills    (16 km)

North Deering    (16 km)

Royal Junction    (16 km)

Two Trails    (16 km)

Deering Junction    (17 km)

Dow Corner    (17 km)

Dunns    (17 km)

Long Beach    (17 km)

Morrills Corner    (17 km)

Nasons Corner    (17 km)

Sagamore Village    (17 km)

Whites Corner    (17 km)

Crockett Corner    (18 km)

Cumberland Foreside    (18 km)

Deering    (18 km)

Groveville    (18 km)

Kimbles Corner    (18 km)

Lunts Corner    (18 km)

Rosemont    (18 km)

Songo Lock    (18 km)

Upper Village    (18 km)

West Pownal    (18 km)

Yarmouth Junction    (18 km)

Bradleys Corner    (19 km)

Brighton Corner    (19 km)

East Deering    (19 km)

East Sebago    (19 km)

Higgins Corner    (19 km)

Highlands    (19 km)

Lower Village    (19 km)

North Raymond    (19 km)

North Scarborough    (19 km)

North Sebago    (19 km)

South Gorham    (19 km)

Stroudwater    (19 km)

Woodfords    (19 km)

Woodfords Corner    (19 km)

York Landing    (19 km)

Foggs Corner    (20 km)

Garrison Hills Estates    (20 km)

Intervale    (20 km)

Oakdale    (20 km)

Shaker Village    (20 km)

Waites Landing    (20 km)

Landmarks nearby

Memorial Stadium    (18 km)

Casco Terrace    (19 km)

Payson Park    (19 km)

Churches nearby

Windham Hill United Church of Christ    (1 km)

Saint Anns Episcopal Church    (2 km)

Windham Baptist Church    (2 km)

Windham Christian Life Center    (2 km)

Friends Church    (3 km)

United Church of Christ at North Gorham    (3 km)

Windham Plains Chapel    (3 km)

Highland Cliff Advent Church    (7 km)

West Cumberland United Methodist Church    (7 km)

South Windham Community Church    (8 km)

White Rock Baptist Church    (8 km)

Highland Lake Congregational Church    (9 km)

Little Falls Baptist Church    (9 km)

Christ Chapel    (11 km)

Morrison Hill Church    (11 km)

North Street Church    (11 km)

Raymond Village Community Church    (11 km)

Sebago Lake Congregational Church    (11 km)

Union Church    (12 km)

West Falmouth Baptist Church    (12 km)

Saint Gregory Rectory    (13 km)

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church    (14 km)

Community Church    (14 km)

Falmouth Congregational Church    (14 km)

Grace Baptist Church    (14 km)

Old Red Church    (14 km)

School Street United Methodist Church    (14 km)

Standish Congregational Church    (14 km)

Union Chapel    (14 km)

African International Church    (15 km)

Anchor Missionary Fellowship Church    (15 km)

Baptist Church    (15 km)

Calvary Chapel    (15 km)

Emmanuel Assembly of God Church    (15 km)

Feminist Spiritual Community    (15 km)

Friends Meeting House    (15 km)

Gorham Christian Assembly Church    (15 km)

Oak Hill Chapel    (15 km)

Parish Congregational Church    (15 km)

Saint Hyacinth Church    (15 km)

Saint Mary Church    (15 km)

Trinity Lutheran Church    (15 km)

Unitarian Universalist Church    (15 km)

Unitarian Universalist Church of Westbrook    (15 km)

Westbrook United Methodist Church    (15 km)

Westbrook Warren Congregational Church    (15 km)

Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church    (16 km)

North Deering Alliance Church    (16 km)

North Deering Congregational Church    (16 km)

Saint Raymonds Church    (16 km)

Vineyard Christian Fellowship    (16 km)

Emmaus Lutheran Church    (17 km)

Glenwood Square Baptist Church    (17 km)

Lighthouse Christian Center    (17 km)

Saint Joseph Catholic Church    (17 km)

Seventh Day Adventist Church    (17 km)

Stevens Avenue Congregational Church    (17 km)

Tuttle Road United Methodist Church    (17 km)

Williams Temple Church of God in Christ    (17 km)

Baptist Church of Yarmouth    (18 km)

Bridgton Road Church    (18 km)

Central Square Baptist Church    (18 km)

Church of the Holy Spirit Episcopal Church    (18 km)

Clark Memorial United Methodist Church    (18 km)

North Church    (18 km)

North Yarmouth and Freeport Baptist Meetinghouse    (18 km)

Payson Park Evangelical Free Church    (18 km)

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church    (18 km)

Saint Ansgar Lutheran Church    (18 km)

Saint Josephs Convent    (18 km)

Saint Judes Church    (18 km)

Saint Pius X Church    (18 km)

Stroudwater Christian Church    (18 km)

Unity of Greater Portland Church    (18 km)

Christ Church    (19 km)

Foreside Community Church    (19 km)

Holy Martyrs Church    (19 km)

Korean United Methodist Church    (19 km)

Nazarene First Church    (19 km)

Saint Mary the Virgin Church    (19 km)

Saint Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church    (19 km)

Saint Patricks Church    (19 km)

Saint Peters Episcopal Church    (19 km)

South Gorham Baptist Church    (19 km)

Stroudwater Baptist Church    (19 km)

Swedenborgian Church    (19 km)

Trinity Baptist Church    (19 km)

Trinity Episcopal Church    (19 km)

Universalist Church    (19 km)

Woodfords Congregational Church    (19 km)

East Buxton Church    (20 km)

New Gloucester Bible Church    (20 km)

Universalist Meeting House    (20 km)