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Lincoln  |  Oregon

The Siletz are a Native American tribe from Oregon and an Indigenous people of the Northwest Plateau. Today they are enrolled in the federally recognized Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon.

Traditionally, they were a Salishan-speaking group, who inhabited an area along the central coast of Oregon near the Siletz River until the middle of the 19th century. The tribe was the southernmost group of the larger Coast Salish culture, which was centered near the Strait of Georgia and Puget Sound in British Columbia and Washington.

The Siletz were closely related in language and culture to the Tillamook tribe to their north along the Oregon Coast. During or after the Rogue River Wars of 1855-1856, members of the tribe were moved to the Coast Indian Reservation, later called the Siletz Reservation, which was home to over 20 other tribes.


Towns nearby

Lincoln City Oregon    (17 km)

Smaller towns nearby

Siletz Oregon    (very near)

Toledo    (11 km)

Toledo Oregon    (11 km)

Depoe Bay    (15 km)

Depoe Bay Oregon    (15 km)

Lincoln Beach    (17 km)

Lincoln Beach Oregon    (19 km)

Other locations nearby

Bellamy    (4 km)

Fruitvale    (9 km)

Pioneer    (9 km)

Logsden    (10 km)

Morrison    (10 km)

Pioneer City    (10 km)

Beverly Beach    (11 km)

Chitwood    (11 km)

Ocean Park    (11 km)

Agate Beach    (12 km)

Elk City    (12 km)

Newport Heights    (12 km)

Otter Rock    (12 km)

Little Elk    (14 km)

Nye Beach    (14 km)

Sunnyridge    (14 km)

Eddyville    (15 km)

Yaquina    (15 km)

South Beach    (16 km)

Oysterville    (17 km)

Pacific Palisades    (17 km)

Nortons    (18 km)

Coronado Shores    (19 km)

Gleneden Beach    (20 km)

Landmarks nearby

Siletz Agency Site    (very near)

Port of Toledo    (12 km)

RV Wecoma    (15 km)

Churches nearby

Baptist Church of Siletz    (very near)

Siletz Foursquare Church    (very near)

Native American Church of Siletz    (10 km)

Toledo Foursquare Church    (10 km)

Newport Foursquare Church    (13 km)

Lighthouse Vineyard Christian Fellowship    (15 km)