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Dona Ana  |  New Mexico

Mesquite is the common name for several species of small trees in the genus Prosopis. They are native to the southwestern United States and Mexico (except for creeping mesquite, which is invasive in southern California).


Big cities nearby

Las Cruces    (18 km)

Las Cruces New Mexico    (18 km)

Towns nearby

Anthony    (20 km)

Anthony New Mexico    (20 km)

Smaller towns nearby

San Miguel    (4 km)

Vado New Mexico    (6 km)

Vado    (7 km)

Berino    (13 km)

University Park    (14 km)

University Park New Mexico    (14 km)

Mesilla    (15 km)

Mesilla New Mexico    (16 km)

Villages nearby

Mesquite New Mexico    (very near)

La Mesa    (5 km)

San Pablo    (12 km)

Chamberino    (14 km)

Other locations nearby

Santo Tomas    (5 km)

Tortugas    (13 km)

Four Points    (14 km)

Mesilla Park    (14 km)

El Ojito    (18 km)

Landmarks nearby

Conkling Cavern    (11 km)

Churches nearby

Mesquite Baptist Church    (very near)

Saint Michael Church    (4 km)

La Mesa Baptist Church    (5 km)

La Mesa United Methodist Church    (5 km)

San Jose Catholic Church Historic Site    (5 km)

New Hope Church    (6 km)

Valley Grove Church    (6 km)

Valley Grove Baptist Church    (7 km)

La Purisema Church    (13 km)

Saint James Episcopal Church    (14 km)

San Luis Church    (14 km)

Basilica of San Albino    (15 km)

Mesilla Valley Spanish Baptist Church    (15 km)

San Albino Parish    (15 km)

Cathedral of the Immaculate Heart of Mary    (16 km)

Apostolic Tabernacle    (18 km)

Assembly of God Church    (18 km)

Ba hai Faith Church    (18 km)

Bethal Bible Fellowship Church    (18 km)

Calvary Baptist Church    (18 km)

Calvary Chapel of Las Cruces    (18 km)

Calvary Christian Center    (18 km)

Church of Christ    (18 km)

Church of Christ Scientist    (18 km)

Church of Christ University    (18 km)

Church of God Prophecy    (18 km)

Church of Religious Science    (18 km)

Church of the Crosses    (18 km)

Church of the Nazarene    (18 km)

Church Triumphant    (18 km)

El Buen Pastor Church    (18 km)

Emmanuel Lutheran Church    (18 km)

Emmanuel Spanish Baptist Church    (18 km)

Evangelical Free Church    (18 km)

Fairacres Baptist Church    (18 km)

Fairview Church of God    (18 km)

Faith Christian Fellowship Church    (18 km)

Fountain of Life Apostolic Church    (18 km)

Greater Saint John Church of God in Christ    (18 km)

Hall English    (18 km)

Hall Spanish    (18 km)

Hill Baptist Church    (18 km)

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church    (18 km)

Las Cruces Bible Church    (18 km)

Las Cruces Christian Church    (18 km)

Las Cruces Friends Meeting Church    (18 km)

Mesilla Park Baptist Church    (18 km)

Mission Lutheran Church    (18 km)

Mission Misionero    (18 km)

Mount Carmel Baptist Church    (18 km)

Mountain View Christian Church    (18 km)

Northminster Presbyterian Church    (18 km)

Peace Lutheran Church    (18 km)

Pentecostal Holiness Church    (18 km)

Presbyterian Campus Ministry Church    (18 km)

Presbyterian Church    (18 km)

Primera Iglesia Bautista    (18 km)

Primitive Baptist Church    (18 km)

Rainbow Christian Church    (18 km)

Resurrection Power Church    (18 km)

Saint Andrews Epsicopal Church    (18 km)

Seconed Baptist Church    (18 km)

Spanish Assembly of God Church    (18 km)

Temple Baptist Church    (18 km)

Templo La Hermosa    (18 km)

The Church of Latter Day Saints    (18 km)

The Peoples Church    (18 km)

The Potters House    (18 km)

Trinity Lutheran Church    (18 km)

Unitarian Universalist Church    (18 km)

United Pentecostal Church    (18 km)

United Pentecostal New Life Church    (18 km)

University Presbyterian Church    (18 km)

Valley View Baptist Church    (18 km)

Wesley Foundation Church    (18 km)

Westside Baptist Church    (18 km)

Baptist Church    (20 km)

Hall of Jehovah Witness    (20 km)

United Methodist Church    (20 km)

Upper Valley Baptist Church    (20 km)