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The Duke City

Bernalillo  |  New Mexico

Duke City Roller Derby or DCRD, is a women's flat-track roller derby league based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Founded in 2005, the league is in their 10th season in 2015. The DCD is a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

Formerly in the West Region of the WFTDA, DCD was moved to the South Central Region for 2011.


Big cities nearby

Albuquerque New Mexico    (very near)

Towns nearby

Lee Acres    (7 km)

Los Ranchos de Albuquerque    (9 km)

Corrales    (17 km)

Corrales New Mexico    (17 km)

Smaller towns nearby

Nob Hill    (4 km)

Paradise Hills    (14 km)

Villages nearby

Edith Endave    (15 km)

Other locations nearby

Barelas    (1 km)

Martinez Town    (very near)

Five Points    (2 km)

Isotopes Park    (2 km)

Old Town    (2 km)

Atrisco    (3 km)

San Jose    (3 km)

University Stadium    (3 km)

Armijo    (4 km)

Kirtland Addition    (4 km)

Los Duranes    (4 km)

Hahn    (5 km)

Los Candelarias    (5 km)

Timeline of Albuquerque    (5 km)

Arenal    (6 km)

Los Griegos    (6 km)

Kinney    (8 km)

Vista Encantada    (8 km)

Los Ranchos de Albuquerque New Mexico    (9 km)

Buena Ventura    (10 km)

Mesa Village    (10 km)

Mountainview    (10 km)

Hoffmantown    (11 km)

Mesa del Sol    (11 km)

Taylor Ranch    (11 km)

Alameda    (12 km)

Barr    (12 km)

Pajarito    (12 km)

Sandia Vista    (12 km)

Chelwood Park    (13 km)

La Cuesta    (13 km)

Los Padillas    (13 km)

CaƱada Village    (14 km)

High Desert    (17 km)

Rio Rancho Estates    (17 km)

Landmarks nearby

Albuquerque Biological Park    (1 km)

Albuquerque Convention Center    (very near)

Rio Grande Zoo    (1 km)

Tingley Beach    (2 km)

Rio Grande Botanic Garden    (3 km)

University of New Mexico Arboretum    (3 km)

Tingley Coliseum    (7 km)

Cliff s Amusement Park    (9 km)

Buried    (11 km)

Sandia National Laboratories    (11 km)

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta    (13 km)

Churches nearby

Albuquerque Temple    (very near)

Barrios for Jesus Church    (very near)

Bernalillo United Methodist Church    (very near)

Blake Road Baptist Church    (very near)

Bright Star Church of God in Christ    (very near)

Christ is Lord Church Incorporated    (very near)

Church of Christ Inglesia de Cristo    (very near)

Church of God in Christ Mennonite Mission    (very near)

Church of Our Savior    (very near)

Church of the Ascension    (very near)

Community Bible Church    (very near)

Cristo del Valle Church    (very near)

Dominican Retreat    (very near)

Episcopal Cathedral of Saint John    (very near)

Faith Tabernacle    (very near)

Five Points Community Church    (very near)

Foothill Congregation Church    (very near)

Franciscan Provincial House    (very near)

Friendship Baptist Church    (very near)

Grace Apostolic Bible Center    (very near)

Holy Family Church    (very near)

Iglesia De El Nazareno    (very near)

Living Word Christian Outreach Church    (very near)

Michalek Brother Bruce J OFM    (very near)

Mountain View Baptist Church    (very near)

Nazarene Indian Bible College    (very near)

New Life Church South Valley    (very near)

Rio Grande Baptist Church    (very near)

Riverside Baptist Church    (very near)

Sacred Heart Church    (very near)

Saint Andrews United Methodist Church    (very near)

Saint Edwin Church    (very near)

Saint Johns Episcopal Cathedral    (very near)

Saint Lukes Baptist Church    (very near)

Santuario De San Martin    (very near)

South Valley Apostolic Church    (very near)

Southside Hispanic Church of God    (very near)

Southwest Assembly Rev    (very near)

Spanish Assembly of God Church    (very near)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints    (very near)

The Full Gospel Lighthouse    (very near)

The Light and Life Community Church    (very near)

United Methodist Church    (very near)

Valley Gospel Tabernacle    (very near)

Western Heights Assembly of God Church    (very near)

Westgate Baptist Church    (very near)

Inglesia Congregational Unida    (2 km)

San Felipe Church    (2 km)

San Felipe de Neri Church    (2 km)

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Monastary    (3 km)

Congregational Church    (4 km)

Girard Church    (4 km)

Immanuel Presbyterian Church    (4 km)

Monte Vista Christian Church    (4 km)

Saint Marks on the Mesa Episcopal Church    (4 km)

Saint Therese Church    (4 km)

Saint Timothys Church    (4 km)

Trinity United Methodist Church    (4 km)

Harwood Church    (5 km)

Heights Church    (5 km)

Holy Rosary Church    (5 km)

Los Candelarias Chapel Historic Site    (5 km)

Los Duranes Chapel Historic Site    (5 km)

Our Lady of Fatima Church    (5 km)

Our Lady of the Angels School    (5 km)

Queen of Heaven Church    (5 km)

Saint Anthony Church    (5 km)

Saint Timothys Lutheran Church    (5 km)

Bel Air Mission    (6 km)

Bethel Church    (6 km)

Carlisle Plaza United Methodist Church    (6 km)

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary    (6 km)

Neighborhood Church    (6 km)

Redeemer Lutheran Church    (6 km)

Ridgecrest Church    (6 km)

Albuquerque Church of Christ    (7 km)

Albuquerque Zen Center    (7 km)

Apostolic Church in the Face of Jesus Christ    (7 km)

Baptist Convention Church    (7 km)

Beth el Fellowship Church    (7 km)

Bethesda Seventh Day Adventist Church    (7 km)

Bethlehem Baptist Church    (7 km)

Body Foundation Ministry Church    (7 km)

Calvary Chapel    (7 km)

Central Baptist Association Church    (7 km)

Chinese First Baptist Mission Church Central    (7 km)

Christ Communtiy Church    (7 km)

Christ the Ray of Hope Community Church    (7 km)

Christ United Methodist Church    (7 km)

Church of Christ University    (7 km)

Church of God in Christ    (7 km)

East Mesa Church    (7 km)

Emanuel Fellowship Church    (7 km)

Faith Bible Church    (7 km)

Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church    (7 km)

Faith Temple Church of God in Christ    (7 km)

Fellowship Baptist Church    (7 km)

Garfield Gospel Chapel    (7 km)

Gods House Church    (7 km)

Great Commission Church of Albuquerque    (7 km)

Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses    (7 km)

Heights Church of Christ    (7 km)

Highland Baptist Church    (7 km)

Holy Ghost Church    (7 km)

Hope Church    (7 km)

Immanuel Lutheran Church and School Missouri Synod    (7 km)

Inglesia De Cristo Church    (7 km)

Joy Light C O I G Church    (7 km)

Life Tabernacle United Methodist    (7 km)

Lighthouse of New Mexico Church    (7 km)

Macedonia Baptist Church    (7 km)

Morningstar Baptist Church    (7 km)

Mount Olive Baptist Church    (7 km)

New Beginnings Church    (7 km)

New Mexico Conference of Churches    (7 km)

Nichiren Shoshu Sokagakki of America    (7 km)

Parkview Baptist Church    (7 km)

Phillips Chapel Christian Methodist    (7 km)

Reformed Church    (7 km)

Restoration Ministries Church    (7 km)

Saint Charles Borromero Church    (7 km)

Saint George Greek Orhodox Church    (7 km)

Saint Xavier Church    (7 km)

San Jose Cursillo Center    (7 km)

San Jose Parish    (7 km)

Shiloh Baptist Church    (7 km)

Temple Baptist Academy    (7 km)

The Baptist Neighborhood Center    (7 km)

Universal Church of the Holy Spirit    (7 km)

Universal Life Church    (7 km)

University Heights United Methodist Church    (7 km)

Wisdom Fellowship Church    (7 km)

Academy Baptist Church    (8 km)

Agape Faith Ministries Church    (8 km)

Alameda Baptist Church    (8 km)

Alameda Bible Church    (8 km)

Albuq Community Church Drive In Walk In    (8 km)

Albuq Friends Church    (8 km)

Albuq Gospel Tabernacle    (8 km)

Albuq Indian Assembly of God Church    (8 km)

Albuquerque Bible Church    (8 km)

Albuquerque Christian Institute Church    (8 km)

Albuquerque Church    (8 km)

Albuquerque Friends Meeting Church    (8 km)

Albuquerque Mennonite Church    (8 km)

Alive Ministries Church    (8 km)

All Faiths Counciling Center    (8 km)

All Saints Lutheran Church ELCA    (8 km)

Archdiocese of Santa Fe Catholic Center    (8 km)

Asbury United Methodist Church    (8 km)

Baptist Church    (8 km)

Baptist Student Union    (8 km)

Believers Center of Albuquerque    (8 km)

Bella Vista Baptist Church    (8 km)

Bethany Spanish Baptist Church    (8 km)

Bible Holiness Church    (8 km)

Boulevard Baptist Church    (8 km)

Calvary Baptist Westside Fellowship    (8 km)

Calvary Temple Assembly of God Church    (8 km)

Central Assembly of God Church    (8 km)

Central Seventh Day Adventist Church    (8 km)

Central United Methodist Church    (8 km)

Chelwood Christian Reform Church    (8 km)

Christ Lutheran Church    (8 km)

Christ Unity Church    (8 km)

Christian Family Counceling Church    (8 km)

Christian Freedom Ministries Church    (8 km)

Church of Christ    (8 km)

Church of Christ Avalon Road    (8 km)

Church of Christ Montgomery Boulevard    (8 km)

Church of Christ Mountainside    (8 km)

Church of Christ Netherwood Park    (8 km)

Church of Christ Riverside    (8 km)

Church of God    (8 km)

Church of God Prophecy    (8 km)

Church of God State Headquarters of New Mexico    (8 km)

Church of Religious Science    (8 km)

Church of Scientology    (8 km)

Church of the Good Shepherd    (8 km)

Church of the Living God    (8 km)

Congregational Science Church    (8 km)

Cornerstone Church    (8 km)

Covenant of Grace Church    (8 km)

Covenant Presbyterian Church    (8 km)

Cross of Hope Lutheran Church ELCA    (8 km)

Dakota Street Church of God    (8 km)

Del Norte Baptist Church    (8 km)

Dial A Blessing Unity Center    (8 km)

Eastern Hills Baptist Church    (8 km)

Eastridge Wesleyan Church    (8 km)

El Buen Samaritano United Methodist Church    (8 km)

Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande    (8 km)

Evangel Temple    (8 km)

Evangelical Christian Center    (8 km)

Faith Chapel    (8 km)

Faith Christ Lutheran Church    (8 km)

Fellowship Bible Church    (8 km)

Fellowship Christian Reformed Church    (8 km)

Foothills Fellowship Church    (8 km)

Free Will Baptist Church    (8 km)

Freedom Chapel    (8 km)

Friends Meeting House    (8 km)

Fruit Avenue Baptist Church    (8 km)

Gethsmane Chapel    (8 km)

Girard Baptist Church    (8 km)

Gods People of Praise Church    (8 km)

Gods Temple of Deliverance Church    (8 km)

Good News Baptist Church    (8 km)

Grace Baptist Chapel    (8 km)

Grace Church    (8 km)

Grace Missionary Baptist Church    (8 km)

Grant Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church    (8 km)

Hall Jehovahs Witnesses    (8 km)

Hall Jehovahs Witnesses Desert Hills Congregation    (8 km)

Hall Jehovahs Witnesses Hiland Congregation    (8 km)

Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses North Congregation    (8 km)

Harwood United Methodist Church    (8 km)

Heights Baptist Church    (8 km)

Heights Christian Church    (8 km)

Highland Assembly of God Church    (8 km)

Hillside Community Church    (8 km)

Holiday Park Community Church of the Nazarene    (8 km)

Holy Apostles Episcopal Church    (8 km)

Holy Cross Lutheran Church    (8 km)

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church CLC    (8 km)

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church    (8 km)

I Am Temple    (8 km)

Immaculate Coception Church    (8 km)

Immanuel Church    (8 km)

Indian Church of the Nazarene    (8 km)

Jehovah Witnesses West Congregation    (8 km)

Jehovahs Witnesses Church    (8 km)

Jesus Worship and Praise Center    (8 km)

John XXIII Catholic Church Community    (8 km)

Korean Baptist Mission of Albuquerque    (8 km)

Korean United Methodist Church    (8 km)

La Mesa Presbyterian Church    (8 km)

Liberty Bible Church    (8 km)

Living Word of Albuquerque Church    (8 km)

Los Altos Christian Church    (8 km)

Los Altos Church of the Nazarene    (8 km)

Lutheran Campus Ministry Church    (8 km)

Maranatha Chapel    (8 km)

Marantha Missions    (8 km)

Mesa View United Methodist Church    (8 km)

Messiah Lutheran Church    (8 km)

Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque    (8 km)

Metropolitan Temple Church of God in Christ    (8 km)

Monterey Baptist Church    (8 km)

Montgomery Place Church of God    (8 km)

Morningside Church of Christ    (8 km)

Mount Calvary Baptist Church    (8 km)

New Hope Baptist Church    (8 km)

New Life Foursquare Church    (8 km)

New Mexico District Council Assemblies of God    (8 km)

Newman Center    (8 km)

North Heights Foursquare Church    (8 km)

North Side Assemblies of God Church    (8 km)

North Valley Church of God    (8 km)

North Valley Gospel Church    (8 km)

North Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church    (8 km)

Northdale Baptist Church    (8 km)

Northeast Presbyterian Church    (8 km)

Northside Assembly of God Church    (8 km)

Northwest Apostolic Mission    (8 km)

Northwest Mesa Baptist Church    (8 km)

Oasis of Love Church FCF    (8 km)

Old Time Gospel Church    (8 km)

Our Lady of Fatima Parish    (8 km)

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church    (8 km)

Our Lady of Lavang Church    (8 km)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Byzantine Rite Catholic Church    (8 km)

Our Lady of the Annunciation Church    (8 km)

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Church    (8 km)

Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Chapel    (8 km)

Our Savior Lutheran Church    (8 km)

Paradise Hills United Methodist Church    (8 km)

Pentecostal Assembly Church    (8 km)

Pentecostal Holiness Church of Deliverance    (8 km)

Potters House Christian Fellowship    (8 km)

Presbyterian Church    (8 km)

Queen of Angels Indian Chapel    (8 km)

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints    (8 km)

Rio Grande Presbyterian Church    (8 km)

Rio Vista Church of the Nazarene    (8 km)

Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church    (8 km)

Saint Bernadette Catholic Church    (8 km)

Saint Chads Episcopal Church    (8 km)

Saint Johns Church    (8 km)

Saint Johns United Methodist Church    (8 km)

Saint Joseph on the Rio Grande Church    (8 km)

Saint Jude Thaddeus Shrine Church    (8 km)

Saint Lukes Evangelical Lutheran Church    (8 km)

Saint Marys Episcopal Church    (8 km)

Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church    (8 km)

Saint Paul Lutheran Church    (8 km)

Saint Pauls United Church    (8 km)

Saint Pauls United Methodist Church    (8 km)

Saint Therese Little Flower Church    (8 km)

Saint Thomas of Canterbury Church    (8 km)

Saint Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church    (8 km)

San Ignacio Catholic Church    (8 km)

Sandia Baptist Church    (8 km)

Sandia Brethren in Christ and Mennonite Church    (8 km)

Sandia Christian Fellowship Church    (8 km)

Sandia Church of the Nazarene    (8 km)

Sangre De Cristo Church    (8 km)

Seconed Presbyterian Church    (8 km)

Shepherd Lutheran Church    (8 km)

Shepherd of the Valley Church    (8 km)

Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church    (8 km)

Sierra Vista Church    (8 km)

Sombra Del Monte Christian    (8 km)

Spanish Baptist Church    (8 km)

Stadium Boulevard Church of Christ    (8 km)

Summmit Lighthouse    (8 km)

Tabernacle of Praise    (8 km)

Temple Baptist Church    (8 km)

The Potters House    (8 km)

Trinity Baptist Church    (8 km)

Trinity Church    (8 km)

Trinity Lutheran Mo Synod    (8 km)

Trinity Temple    (8 km)

True Vine Baptist Church    (8 km)

United Pentecostal Church    (8 km)

Uniterian Church    (8 km)

Unity Church of Christianity    (8 km)

Valley Baptist Church    (8 km)

Vineyard Christian Church    (8 km)

Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church    (8 km)

Westside Baptist Church    (8 km)

Zion Fellowship Church    (8 km)

Calvary Chapel of Albuquerque    (9 km)

Congregation Albert    (9 km)

Montgomery Church of Christ    (9 km)

Sandia Church    (9 km)

Sombra del Monte Church    (9 km)

Los Altos Church    (10 km)

Mountainview Mission    (10 km)

Our Lady of Mount Carmel    (10 km)

Saint Lukes Church    (10 km)

Baptist Church of Alameda    (11 km)

Family Church    (11 km)

Heights Seventh Day Adventist Church    (11 km)

Asbury Church    (12 km)

Berean Baptist Church    (12 km)

Christian Church    (12 km)

Hall of Jehovah s Witnesses Valley View and Sierra Vista    (12 km)

Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church    (12 km)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Eldorado Ward    (12 km)

Faith Lutheran Church    (13 km)

Heights First Church of the Nazarene    (13 km)

Hoffmantown Church    (13 km)

Juan Tabo Community Church    (13 km)

New Life Presbyterian Church    (13 km)

Risen Savior Catholic Community    (13 km)

Saint Stephen s United Methodist Church    (13 km)

Saint Stephens United Methodist Church    (13 km)

All Saints of North America Orthodox Church    (14 km)

Bethal Heritage Church    (14 km)

Covenant United Methodist Church    (14 km)

Hope Evangelical Free Church    (14 km)

United Presbyterian Church Historic Site    (14 km)

Albuquerque New Mexico Temple Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints    (15 km)

Believer s Center    (15 km)

Church of Saint Peter Anglican Catholic    (15 km)

Grace Lutheran Church    (15 km)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints Bear Canyon Ward    (15 km)

Sandia Presbyterian Church    (16 km)

Austin Chapel Baptist Church    (17 km)

Baptist Church of Rio Rancho    (17 km)

Calvary Lutheran Church LCMS    (17 km)

Christian Science of Rio Rancho Church    (17 km)

Church of the Transfiguration    (17 km)

Community of Joy Lutheran Church    (17 km)

Corrales Mission Church    (17 km)

Covenant Christian Church    (17 km)

Gospel Light Baptist Church    (17 km)

Grace Temple    (17 km)

Jehovahs Witnesses Church    (17 km)

Mesa Baptist Temple    (17 km)

New Beginnings Fellowship of the Foursquare Gospel    (17 km)

New Church of the High Desert    (17 km)

Old San Ysidro Church    (17 km)

Peace Lutheran Church    (17 km)

Rio Rancho Community Christianity Church    (17 km)

Rio Rancho United Methodist Church    (17 km)

Saint Thomas Aquinas Church    (17 km)

Saint Thomas Aquinas Rio Rancho Church    (17 km)

San Ysidro Church    (17 km)