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A butler is a domestic worker in a large household. In great houses, the household is sometimes divided into departments with the butler in charge of the dining room, wine cellar, and pantry. Some also have charge of the entire parlour floor, and housekeepers caring for the entire house and its appearance. A butler is usually male, and in charge of male servants, while a housekeeper is usually a woman, and in charge of female servants. Traditionally, male servants (such as footmen) were rarer and therefore better paid and of higher status than female servants. The butler, as the senior male servant, has the highest servant status. He can also be sometimes used as a chauffeur.

In modern houses where the butler is the most senior worker, titles such as majordomo, butler administrator, house manager, manservant, staff manager, chief of staff, staff captain, estate manager and head of household staff are sometimes given. The precise duties of the employee will vary to some extent in line with the title given, but perhaps, more importantly in line with the requirements of the individual employer. In the grandest homes or when the employer owns more than one residence, there is sometimes an estate manager of higher rank than the butler.


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Holland Reformed Church    (17 km)

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Midland Park United Methodist Church    (17 km)

Mount Paul Novitiate    (17 km)

New Christian Mission    (17 km)

Northside Chapel    (17 km)

Our Lady of Pompeii Roman Catholic Church    (17 km)

Our Lady Queen of Peace Church    (17 km)

Paterson Deliverance Evangelical Center    (17 km)

Presbyterian Church    (17 km)

Prospect Park Holland Christian Reformed Church    (17 km)

Reformed Church of North Paterson    (17 km)

Saint Anthonys Roman Catholic Church    (17 km)

Saint Bonaventure Roman Catholic Church    (17 km)

Saint Clements Episcopal Church    (17 km)

Saint John the Baptist Orthodox Church    (17 km)

Saint Michaels Orthodox Church    (17 km)

Saint Michele Roman Catholic Church    (17 km)

Saint Peter Claver Mission Church    (17 km)

Serenity Baptist Church    (17 km)

Sixth Holland Reformed Church    (17 km)

Star of Hope Mission    (17 km)

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Trinity Church    (17 km)

Union Church    (17 km)

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African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church    (18 km)

Bethel Church of Christ    (18 km)

Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church    (18 km)

Calvary Baptist Church    (18 km)

Calvary Pentacostal Church    (18 km)

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist    (18 km)

Central Reformed Church    (18 km)

Church of Christ Scientist    (18 km)

Church of God    (18 km)

Church of the Holy Communion    (18 km)

Church of the Messiah    (18 km)

Community Baptist Church    (18 km)

Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church    (18 km)

Gospel Chapel    (18 km)

Kalibar Temple    (18 km)

Latin American Christian Pentecostal Church of God    (18 km)

Macedonia Church of God    (18 km)

New Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church    (18 km)

Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church    (18 km)

Our Lady of Victories Roman Catholic Church    (18 km)