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Leisure Village New Jersey

Ocean  |  New Jersey

Map of Leisure Village CDP in Ocean County. Inset: Location of Ocean County in New Jersey.

Leisure Village is an unincorporated community and census designated place (CDP) located within Lakewood Township, in Ocean County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the CDP's population was 4,400. The sprawling active adult community is also locally known as "Original" Leisure Village because it was the first of three neighboring active adult communities bearing similar names. Leisure Village East, and Leisure Village West are the other two communities nearby. Original Leisure Village (OLV) is also referred to by the moniker "The Village of Seven Lakes."


Big Towns nearby

Lakewood Township    (4 km)

Brick Township    (7 km)

Brick Township New Jersey    (7 km)

Lakewood    (7 km)

Toms River    (7 km)

Toms River New Jersey    (7 km)

Howell    (14 km)

Jackson Township New Jersey    (14 km)

Jackson Township    (16 km)

Howell Township    (17 km)

Towns nearby

Ramtown    (9 km)

Ramtown New Jersey    (9 km)

Bayville    (15 km)

Manasquan    (15 km)

Manasquan New Jersey    (15 km)

Crestwood Village New Jersey    (17 km)

Allaire    (18 km)

Crestwood Village    (18 km)

Smaller towns nearby

Leisure Village East    (1 km)

Leisure Village East New Jersey    (1 km)

Cedar Glen West    (9 km)

Cedar Glen West New Jersey    (9 km)

Leisure Knoll    (9 km)

Leisure Knoll New Jersey    (9 km)

Leisure Village West    (9 km)

Silver Ridge    (10 km)

Silver Ridge New Jersey    (10 km)

Dover Beaches North    (11 km)

Dover Beaches North New Jersey    (11 km)

Holiday City South    (11 km)

Holiday City South New Jersey    (11 km)

Island Heights    (11 km)

South Toms River    (11 km)

South Toms River New Jersey    (11 km)

Lakehurst    (12 km)

Lakehurst New Jersey    (12 km)

Pine Beach    (12 km)

Pine Beach New Jersey    (12 km)

Brielle    (13 km)

Dover Beaches South    (13 km)

Dover Beaches South New Jersey    (13 km)

Holiday Heights    (13 km)

Holiday Heights New Jersey    (13 km)

Lavallette    (13 km)

Lavallette New Jersey    (13 km)

Point Pleasant Beach    (13 km)

Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey    (13 km)

Ocean Gate    (14 km)

Ocean Gate New Jersey    (14 km)

Seaside Heights    (14 km)

Seaside Heights New Jersey    (14 km)

Pine Ridge at Crestwood    (15 km)

Pine Ridge at Crestwood New Jersey    (15 km)

Sea Girt    (16 km)

Sea Girt New Jersey    (16 km)

Seaside Park    (16 km)

Seaside Park New Jersey    (16 km)

Spring Lake Heights    (17 km)

Spring Lake Heights New Jersey    (17 km)

Vista Center    (17 km)

Vista Center New Jersey    (17 km)

Farmingdale    (18 km)

Spring Lake    (18 km)

Spring Lake New Jersey    (18 km)

Lake Como    (19 km)

South Belmar    (19 km)

West Belmar    (19 km)

West Belmar New Jersey    (19 km)

Villages nearby

Mantoloking    (11 km)

Bay Head    (12 km)

Generic Railway Station    (12 km)

Allenwood    (13 km)

Allenwood New Jersey    (13 km)

Other locations nearby

White Oak Bottom    (2 km)

Chestnut Estates    (3 km)

Holiday City    (3 km)

Lake Riviera    (3 km)

Seven Stars    (3 km)

Lakewood Corner Estates    (4 km)

Locust Manor    (4 km)

Spruce Gardens    (4 km)

Bay Harbor Estates    (5 km)

Bricktown    (5 km)

Cedar Bridge    (5 km)

Cedar Bridge Manor    (5 km)

Cedarwood Park    (5 km)

Edgemere Estates    (5 km)

Oak Hill    (5 km)

Pleasant Plains    (5 km)

Silverton    (5 km)

Silverton Estates    (5 km)

A Country Place    (6 km)

Anchorage    (6 km)

Bamberry Estates    (6 km)

Cherry Quay    (6 km)

Evergreen Shores    (6 km)

Glen Cedar City    (6 km)

Lanes Mills    (6 km)

Laurelton    (6 km)

Laurelton Gardens    (6 km)

Silverton Pine Terrace    (6 km)

South Lakewood    (6 km)

West Osbornsville    (6 km)

Breton Woods    (7 km)

Colonial Gardens    (7 km)

Fairview Estates    (7 km)

Greenbriar    (7 km)

Greenville    (7 km)

Lakewood Township New Jersey    (7 km)

Maple Shade    (7 km)

Oak Glen    (7 km)

Osbornsville    (7 km)

Pine Terrace    (7 km)

Rivercrest Manor    (7 km)

Riviera on the Bay    (7 km)

Silver Bay    (7 km)

Snug Harbor    (7 km)

Woodville    (7 km)

Adamston    (8 km)

Arrowhead Village    (8 km)

Bellcrest Park    (8 km)

Cedar Grove    (8 km)

Coventry Square    (8 km)

Green Island    (8 km)

Greenwood Manor    (8 km)

Larrabees    (8 km)

Leisure Village West Pine Lake Park New Jersey    (8 km)

Manitou Park    (8 km)

Oak Ridge    (8 km)

Oak Ridge Estates    (8 km)

Parkway Pines    (8 km)

Ridgeway    (8 km)

Shore Acres    (8 km)

Sky View Manor    (8 km)

Summit East    (8 km)

Whitesville    (8 km)

Williams    (8 km)

Wintringham Park    (8 km)

Woodlawn Estates    (8 km)

Barnegat Bay Estates    (9 km)

Baywood    (9 km)

Brookside Heights    (9 km)

Camelot    (9 km)

Deer Chase Manor    (9 km)

Forest Acres    (9 km)

Hilltop Estates    (9 km)

Holiday Estates    (9 km)

Mandalay    (9 km)

Metedeconk    (9 km)

Riverview Estates    (9 km)

Suburban Park    (9 km)

Bayview Harbors    (10 km)

Cranmoor Manor    (10 km)

Herbertsville    (10 km)

Holiday City Silver Ridge Park    (10 km)

Island Beach Heights    (10 km)

Parkway Manor    (10 km)

Riviera Beach    (10 km)

Seaside Heights Harbor    (10 km)

Silver Ridge Park    (10 km)

West Mantoloking    (10 km)

Winding River Village    (10 km)

Windsor Park    (10 km)

Chadwick Beach Island    (11 km)

Gilford Park    (11 km)

Island Heights New Jersey    (11 km)

Mantoloking Estates    (11 km)

Mantoloking Shores    (11 km)

South Mantoloking Beach    (11 km)

Southard    (11 km)

Sterling Woods    (11 km)

West Point Pleasant    (11 km)

Windor Park    (11 km)

Bay Head New Jersey    (12 km)

Bay Shore    (12 km)

Bennetts Mills    (12 km)

Camp Osborne    (12 km)

Candlewood    (12 km)

Chadwick    (12 km)

Chadwick Beach    (12 km)

Clarks Landing    (12 km)

Manasquan Park    (12 km)

Mantoloking New Jersey    (12 km)

Maxim    (12 km)

Monterey Beach    (12 km)

Normandy Beach    (12 km)

Ocean Beach    (12 km)

River Bank    (12 km)

Silver Beach    (12 km)

Southwind Mobile Home Park    (12 km)

Woodmere    (12 km)

Wrangell Brook Park    (12 km)

Bay Head Junction    (13 km)

Beachwood New Jersey    (13 km)

Brielle New Jersey    (13 km)

Crossley    (13 km)

Edgewood Park    (13 km)

Holmansville    (13 km)

Hyson    (13 km)

Lake Club    (13 km)

Legler    (13 km)

Lower Squankum    (13 km)

Oakwood    (13 km)

Pines    (13 km)

Salem Hill    (13 km)

Berkeley Township    (14 km)

Matthews    (14 km)

Oak Glen    (14 km)

Ortley Beach    (14 km)

Ortley Terrace    (14 km)

Squankum    (14 km)

Winston Park    (14 km)

Berkeley Shores    (15 km)

Blansingburg    (15 km)

Freewood Acres    (15 km)

Van Hiseville    (15 km)

Baileys Corner    (16 km)

Barnegat Pines    (16 km)

Carmerville    (16 km)

Crystal Lake    (16 km)

Double Trouble    (16 km)

Dover Forge    (16 km)

Harmony    (16 km)

Pinewald    (16 km)

Pleasant Grove    (16 km)

Algers Mills    (17 km)

Farmingdale New Jersey    (17 km)

Fort Plains    (17 km)

Holly Park    (17 km)

Jackson Mills    (17 km)

Jacksons Mills    (17 km)

Keswick Grove    (17 km)

Osbornes Mills    (17 km)

South Seaside Park    (17 km)

Villa Park    (17 km)

West Farms    (17 km)

Cassville    (18 km)

Davenport    (18 km)

Fairfield    (18 km)

Georgia    (18 km)

Glen Cove    (18 km)

Ardena    (19 km)

Ardmore Estates    (19 km)

Barnegat Peninsula    (19 km)

Bergerville    (19 km)

Cedar Beach    (19 km)

Cedar Crest    (19 km)

Glendola    (19 km)

Leesville    (19 km)

New Bedford    (19 km)

Saint Vladimirs    (19 km)

Whiting    (19 km)

Woodair Estates    (19 km)

Wyckoff Mills    (19 km)

Bamber Lake    (20 km)

Camp Columbus    (20 km)

Landmarks nearby

Sister Mary Grace Burns Arboretum    (7 km)

Lovelandtown Bridge    (11 km)

Glimmer Glass Bridge    (14 km)

Casino Pier    (15 km)

Eastern American New York Diocese    (15 km)

Sea Girt Light    (17 km)

Western World    (19 km)

Freehold and Howell Plank Road    (20 km)

Churches nearby

Saint Barbara Church    (4 km)

Bethel Church of God    (5 km)

Emanuel Pentecostal Church    (5 km)

Intercessary Tabernacle    (5 km)

Macedonia Baptist Church    (5 km)

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church    (6 km)

Christian Missionary Church    (6 km)

Immanuel Lutheran Church    (6 km)

Lakewood Church of God    (6 km)

Latin American Pentecostal Church    (6 km)

Missionary Pentecostal Church    (6 km)

Osbornsville Baptist Church    (6 km)

Presbyterian Church    (6 km)

Saint Mary s of the Lake Church    (6 km)

Sixth Street Baptist Church    (6 km)

Christ United Methodist Church    (7 km)

Church of Christ Scientist    (7 km)

Saint Dominic s Roman Catholic Church    (7 km)

Temple Beth Or    (7 km)

Toms River Church of Christ    (7 km)

Toms River Church of God    (7 km)

Visitation Roman Catholic Church    (7 km)

Assembly of God Church    (8 km)

Cedar Grove Methodist Church    (8 km)

East Dover Baptist Church    (8 km)

Presbyterian Church of Toms River    (8 km)

Saint Justin s Church    (8 km)

Seventh Day Adventist Church    (8 km)

United Methodist Church    (8 km)

Church of the Nazarene    (9 km)

Faith Bible Presbyterian Church    (9 km)

Hope Presbyterian Church    (9 km)

Saint Joseph s Roman Catholic Church    (9 km)

Christ Episcopal Church    (10 km)

Saint Paul Church    (10 km)

Baptist Church    (11 km)

Bethel Church    (11 km)

Cathedral of the Air    (11 km)

Christian Temple of Christ    (11 km)

Grace Gospel Church    (11 km)

Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses    (11 km)

Holy Temple Church of God    (11 km)

New Hope Baptist Church    (11 km)

New Jerusalem African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church    (11 km)

Saint Gertrude s Mission Church    (11 km)

Saint Paul Lutheran Church    (11 km)

Wells Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church    (11 km)

Christian Bible Church    (12 km)

Church of The Master    (12 km)

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church    (12 km)

Harvey Memorial Methodist Church    (12 km)

Pine Beach Chapel    (12 km)

Saint Simon by the Sea Church    (12 km)

Trinity Church    (12 km)

All Saints Episcopal Church    (13 km)

Baptist Church    (13 km)

Central United Methodist Church    (13 km)

Faith Lutheran Church    (13 km)

Open Door Bible Church    (13 km)

Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church    (13 km)

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church    (13 km)

Saint Bonaventure Church    (13 km)

Saint Mary s by the Sea Episcopal Church    (13 km)

Saint Peter s Church    (13 km)

Saint Veronica s Roman Catholic Church    (13 km)

Squankum United Methodist Church    (13 km)

Union Church of Lavallette    (13 km)

Congregation Ahavat Achim    (14 km)

Grace Evangelical Church    (14 km)

Saint Barnabas Catholic Church    (14 km)

Saint Elisabeth s Chapel    (14 km)

Church of Nativity    (15 km)

Hall of Jehovah s Witnesses    (15 km)

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church    (15 km)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church    (15 km)

Trinity United Methodist Church    (15 km)

Cedar Creek Community Church    (16 km)

Church of St Uriel the Archangel    (16 km)

Emmanuel Baptist Church    (16 km)

Morning Star Presbyterian Church    (16 km)

Saint Catharine s Church    (16 km)

Saint Mark s Roman Catholic Church    (16 km)

Union Church of Seaside Park    (16 km)

Bethany Baptist Church    (17 km)

Farmingdale Presbyterian Church    (17 km)

Saint Uriel s Episcopal Church    (17 km)

St Ann s Armenian Catholic Cathedral    (17 km)

West Farms United Methodist Church    (17 km)

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church    (18 km)

Saint Andrew s United Methodist Church    (18 km)

Saint Catharines Church    (18 km)

Saint Michael s Episcopal Church    (18 km)

Wall United Methodist Church    (18 km)

Ardena Baptist Church    (19 km)

Glendola Bible Church    (19 km)

New Apostolic Church    (19 km)

Saint Johns Church    (19 km)

Saint Vladimir Memorial Church    (19 km)

Village Lutheran Church    (19 km)

Grace Tabernacle    (20 km)

West Belmar United Methodist Church    (20 km)