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Linn is a first name for girls. This name is common in countries such as Sweden and Norway. Otherwise it can also be spelled "Lynn". Linn may refer to:


Smaller towns nearby

Linn Missouri    (very near)

Villages nearby

Westphalia    (14 km)

Westphalia Missouri    (14 km)

Freeburg Missouri    (20 km)

Other locations nearby

Potts    (6 km)

Luystown    (8 km)

Judge    (9 km)

Crook    (10 km)

Frankenstein    (10 km)

Loose Creek    (10 km)

Rich Fountain    (10 km)

Mint Hill    (11 km)

Lake Ford    (13 km)

Ryors    (13 km)

Bonnots Mill    (14 km)

Freedom    (14 km)

French Village    (14 km)

Lisletown    (14 km)

Aud    (15 km)

Isbell    (15 km)

Deer    (16 km)

Hope    (16 km)

Koenig    (16 km)

Cote Sans Dessein    (17 km)

Osage City    (17 km)

Bakersville    (18 km)

Cooper Hill    (18 km)

Daggetts Ford    (18 km)

Effie    (18 km)

Fuersville    (18 km)

Saint Aubert    (18 km)

Schubert    (18 km)

Mount Sterling    (20 km)

Churches nearby

Saint Georges Catholic Church    (very near)

Fairview Church    (4 km)

Latter Day Saints Church    (5 km)

Vosholl Church    (6 km)

Zion Hope Church    (7 km)

Lane Community Church    (9 km)

Mount Aerial Church    (9 km)

Church of the Sacred Heart    (11 km)

Mint Hill Church    (11 km)

Evangical Church    (12 km)

High Point Church    (12 km)

Oklahoma Church    (12 km)

Ryors Church    (13 km)

Saint Josephs Catholic Church    (14 km)

Saint Louis Catholic Church    (14 km)

Bailey Creek Catholic Church    (15 km)

College Hill Church    (16 km)

Union Church    (16 km)

Evangel Saint Paul Church    (18 km)

Salem Church    (18 km)

Salem Presbyterian Church    (18 km)

Barkersville Church    (19 km)

Fuersville Church    (19 km)

Oakley Church    (19 km)

Southwest Church    (19 km)

Church of the Holy Family    (20 km)

Pilot Knob Church    (20 km)

Pin Oak Church    (20 km)