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Floodwood Township

Saint Louis  |  Minnesota

Villages nearby

Floodwood    (5 km)

Floodwood Minnesota    (5 km)

Halden Township    (8 km)

Van Buren Township    (10 km)

Fine Lakes Township    (11 km)

Arrowhead Township    (12 km)

Elmer Township    (19 km)

Other locations nearby

Gowan    (5 km)

Paupores    (10 km)

Prairie Lake Township    (13 km)

Island    (14 km)

Hartley Spur    (15 km)

Ness Township    (15 km)

Landmarks nearby

Square Butte    (15 km)

Churches nearby

French River Lutheran Church    (1 km)

Old Apostolic Lutheran Church    (3 km)

Assemblies of God Church    (4 km)

Hope Lutheran Church    (5 km)

Independence Apostolic Lutheran Church    (5 km)