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Inez is an American spelling of the Spanish and Portuguese name Inés/Inês, the forms of the given name "Agnes". The name is pronounced as /ˈnɛz/, /ˈnɛz/, or /ˈnɛθ/.

Agnes is a woman's given name, which derives from the Greek word hagnē, meaning "pure" or "holy". The Latinized form of the Greek name is Hagnes, the feminine form of Hagnos, meaning "chaste" or "sacred".


Villages nearby

Cormant Township    (4 km)

Langor Township    (7 km)

Hornet Township    (8 km)

Shooks Township    (8 km)

Kelliher Township    (11 km)

Kelliher    (13 km)

Kelliher Minnesota    (13 km)

Blackduck    (14 km)

Blackduck Minnesota    (14 km)

Summit Township    (18 km)

Hines Township    (20 km)

Other locations nearby

Langor    (9 km)

Quiring    (9 km)

Quiring Township    (11 km)

Shooks    (11 km)

Woodrow Township    (13 km)

Funkley    (14 km)

Funkley Minnesota    (14 km)

O Brien Township    (14 km)

Saum    (15 km)

Battle Township    (16 km)

Houpt    (16 km)

Nore Township    (16 km)

Hines    (20 km)

Orth    (20 km)

Churches nearby

Cormant Church    (3 km)

Saint Joseph Church    (10 km)

Emmanuel Lutheran Church    (13 km)

Nazarene Church    (13 km)

Our Saviour s Lutheran Church    (13 km)

Faith Lutheran Church    (14 km)

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church    (14 km)

Saint Ann Catholic Church    (14 km)

Saint Patrick s Catholic Church    (14 km)

Tolgen Church    (14 km)

Zion Lutheran Church    (14 km)

Blackduck Evangelical Free Church    (15 km)

Foy Tabernacle    (17 km)