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Livonia (Livonian: Līvõmō, Estonian: Liivimaa, German and Scandinavian languages: Livland, Latvian and Lithuanian: Livonija, Polish: Inflanty, archaic English Livland, Liwlandia; Russian: Лифляндия / Liflyandiya) is a historic region along the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. It was once the land of the Finnic Livonians inhabiting the principal ancient Livonian County Metsepole with its center at Turaida. The most prominent ruler of ancient Livonia was Caupo of Turaida.

During the Livonian Crusade, ancient Livonia was colonized by the Livonian Brothers of the Sword, later called the Livonian Order, and the name Livonia came to designate a much broader territory: Terra Mariana on the eastern coasts of the Baltic Sea, in present-day Northern part of Latvia and Southern part of Estonia. Its frontiers were the Gulf of Riga and the Gulf of Finland in the north-west, Lake Peipus and Russia to the east, and Lithuania to the south.

Livonia was inhabited by various Baltic and Finnic peoples, ruled by an upper class of Baltic Germans. Over the course of time, some nobles were Polonized into the Polish–Lithuanian nobility (Szlachta) or Swedish nobility during Swedish Livonia or Russified into the Russian nobility (Dvoryanstvo).


Big cities nearby

Livonia Michigan    (very near)

Big Towns nearby

Westland    (8 km)

Westland Michigan    (8 km)

Farmington Hills    (10 km)

Farmington Hills Michigan    (10 km)

Dearborn Heights    (12 km)

Dearborn Heights Michigan    (12 km)

Novi    (13 km)

Novi Michigan    (13 km)

Southfield    (13 km)

Southfield Michigan    (14 km)

Towns nearby

Plymouth    (8 km)

Plymouth Michigan    (8 km)

Northville    (10 km)

Northville Michigan    (10 km)

Quakertown North    (14 km)

Villages nearby

Novi Township    (11 km)

Other locations nearby

Stark    (2 km)

Elm    (4 km)

Farmington Acres    (5 km)

Norton    (5 km)

Clarenceville    (6 km)

Little Valley Estates Mobile Home Park    (6 km)

Beech    (7 km)

Grand View Acres    (7 km)

Flamingo Trailer Court    (8 km)

Briarwood Senior Housing    (10 km)

Quakertown    (10 km)

Compuware Arena    (11 km)

Norwayne    (11 km)

Parkland    (11 km)

Oak    (12 km)

Shooting of Renisha McBride    (12 km)

Eloise    (13 km)

Wood Creek Farms    (13 km)

WXYZ TV    (13 km)

Metro Detroit    (14 km)

Landmarks nearby

Laurel Park Place    (4 km)

Livonia Engine    (4 km)

Livonia Marketplace    (5 km)

Wonderland Village    (5 km)

Quo Vadis Entertainment Center    (6 km)

Westland Center    (6 km)

Garden City Football Field    (8 km)

Novi Town Center    (12 km)

Axis Music Academy    (13 km)

Twelve Oaks Mall    (13 km)

Warrendale    (13 km)

Tel Twelve Mall    (14 km)

Twelve Mile Crossing at Fountain Walk    (14 km)

Churches nearby

Ascension Church    (1 km)

Bethany Church    (1 km)

Saint Mathews Church    (3 km)

Holy Trinity Church    (4 km)

Pilgrim Church    (4 km)

Saint Timothy Church    (4 km)

Metropolitan Seventh Day Adventist Church    (5 km)

Saint Lukes Church    (5 km)

Trinity Church    (5 km)

Bethel Church    (6 km)

Lola Park Evangelical Lutheran Church    (6 km)

Lola Valley United Methodist Church    (6 km)

Saint Theodore Church    (6 km)

Ward Evangelical Presbyterian Church    (6 km)

Epiphany Church    (7 km)

Hosanna Tabor Lutheran Church    (7 km)

Northville Christian Assembly Church    (7 km)

Saint Johns Church    (7 km)

Philippian Grace Church    (8 km)

Rice Memorial United Methodist Church    (8 km)

Fellowship of Love Missionary Baptist Church    (9 km)

Greater Outreach Church of God in Christ    (9 km)

Holy Cross Church    (9 km)

Leland Missionary Baptist Church    (9 km)

New for Saint Marks Missionary Baptist Church    (9 km)

Redford United Methodist Church    (9 km)

Saint Clare Church    (9 km)

Saint Johns Church    (9 km)

Saint Paul Monastery    (9 km)

School of Preparation    (9 km)

Apostolic Church    (10 km)

Detroit Free Methodist Church    (10 km)

ELIM Baptist Church    (10 km)

Farmington Church    (10 km)

Kirk of Our Savior    (10 km)

More Excellent Way Cathedral Church of God    (10 km)

Mount Olive Church    (10 km)

Redford Lutheran Church    (10 km)

Redford Presbyterian Church    (10 km)

Shiyloh Baptist Church    (10 km)

Tabernacle of Faith Missionary Baptist Church    (10 km)

Willowbrook Church    (10 km)

Anderson Temple Missionary Baptist Church    (11 km)

Apostolic Church of God and Christ Jesus    (11 km)

Divine Child Church    (11 km)

Faith Redemption Center    (11 km)

Joy Temple Church of God in Christ    (11 km)

Kadesh Missionary Baptist Church    (11 km)

Parkside Church of Christ    (11 km)

Prayer Church    (11 km)

Rosedale Park Baptist Church    (11 km)

Saint Christopher s and Saint Paul s Church    (11 km)

Trinity Faith United Methodist Church    (11 km)

EBER Memorial Baptist Church    (12 km)

Evergreen Lutheran Church    (12 km)

God s Tabernacle of Love Baptist Church    (12 km)

Jones Memorial Church of God and Christ    (12 km)

Our Lady Gate of Heaven    (12 km)

Our Lady of Chaldeans Cathedral    (12 km)

Word of Faith International Christian Center    (12 km)

Armenian Church    (13 km)

Burnette Baptist Church    (13 km)

Bushnell Congregational Church    (13 km)

Grace United Methodist Church    (13 km)

Greater Love Tabernacle Church of God in Christ    (13 km)

Nardin Park United Methodist Church    (13 km)

New Jerusalem Temple Missionary Baptist Church    (13 km)

New Saint Paul Tabernacle Church of God in Christ    (13 km)

Saint Mary s Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church    (13 km)

Saint Michael Church    (13 km)

Saint Paul Church of Christ Holiness    (13 km)

Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church West Side    (13 km)

Shaarcy Zedek Temple    (13 km)

Christ Love Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church    (14 km)

Full Gospel Opendoor Assembly Church    (14 km)

Grandale Presbyterian Church of the Master    (14 km)

Greater Community Baptist Church    (14 km)

Greater Sonora Missionary Baptist Church Eagle Ministries    (14 km)

Liberty Temple Baptist Church    (14 km)

Lighthouse Community Church of God    (14 km)

Moses Temple Baptist Church    (14 km)

Orchard Church    (14 km)

Principles of Faith Missionary Baptist Church    (14 km)

Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish Center    (14 km)

True Spirit of Love Missionary Baptist Church    (14 km)

Unity Fellowship Church of God in Christ    (14 km)