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Monroe Michigan

Monroe  |  Michigan

South Monroe looking north along M-125

South Monroe is an unincorporated community in Monroe Charter Township of Monroe County in the U.S. state of Michigan. It is a census-designated place (CDP) for statistical purposes. The population was 6,433 at the 2010 census.


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South Monroe    (3 km)

South Monroe Michigan    (3 km)

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West Monroe Michigan    (3 km)

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Carleton Michigan    (16 km)

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Estral Beach Michigan    (15 km)

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Monroe Power Plant    (5 km)

Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station    (13 km)

Toledo Harbor Light    (18 km)

Churches nearby

Elm Street Chapel    (very near)

Saint Mary s Parish Church    (very near)

Trinity Lutheran Church    (very near)

Eagle s Nest Community Church    (very near)

Goodwill Church of God in Christ    (1 km)

Grace Lutheran Church    (1 km)

Monroe Gospel Mission Church    (very near)

New Faith Temple Church    (1 km)

Saint Joseph Church    (1 km)

Saint Michael s Church    (very near)

Union Street Missionary Baptist Church    (1 km)

Victory Temple    (1 km)

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Christ Love Fellowship Church    (2 km)

Christian Life Center Church    (2 km)

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Hall    (2 km)

Missionary Baptist Church    (2 km)

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Liberty Missionary Baptist Church    (3 km)

Raisinville Baptist Church    (3 km)

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Trinity Faith Christian Church    (3 km)

Monroe Apostolic Church    (4 km)

Saint George Serbian Orthodox Church    (4 km)

Bethany Baptist Church    (5 km)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints    (5 km)

Faith Baptist Church    (5 km)

Frenchtown Church    (5 km)

Frenchtown Missionary Baptist Church    (5 km)

Monroe Christian Church    (5 km)

Monroe Church of the Nazarene    (5 km)

Monroe Free Methodist Church    (5 km)

New Hope Christian Church    (5 km)

Saint Paul Church    (5 km)

Seventh Day Adventist Church    (5 km)

Bible Fellowship Church    (6 km)

Church of Christ    (6 km)

East Raisinville Church    (6 km)

Monroe Alliance Church    (6 km)

Saint Anne s Church    (6 km)

Trinity Church    (6 km)

Monroe Missionary Baptist Church    (7 km)

Christian Baptist Church    (8 km)

Faith Lutheran Church    (8 km)

Grace Baptist Church    (8 km)

Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran Church    (9 km)

Grape Church    (9 km)

Holy Ghost Lutheran Church    (9 km)

La Salle Presbyterian Church    (9 km)

Stony Point Church    (11 km)

Zion United Church    (11 km)

Newport Community Church    (12 km)

Saint Patrick s Church    (12 km)

Full Gospel Assembly Church    (13 km)

Lakeside Church    (13 km)

Luna Pier Baptist Church    (13 km)

Saint Charles Catholic Church    (13 km)

Carleton United Methodist Church    (14 km)

Grape Missionary Church    (14 km)

Ida United Methodist Church    (14 km)

Prince of Peace Church    (14 km)

Carleton Assembly of God Church    (15 km)

Carleton Community Church    (15 km)

Community Christian Fellowship    (15 km)

Cornerstone Baptist Church    (15 km)

Apostolic Tabernacle Church    (16 km)

Erie United Church    (16 km)

Immanuel Church    (16 km)

Presbyterian Church    (16 km)

Saint Joseph s Church    (16 km)

Little White Stone Church    (17 km)

True Gospel Church    (17 km)

Lulu United Methodist Church    (18 km)

Morocco United Church    (18 km)

Rose of Sharon Church    (18 km)

Dundee Assembly of God Church    (19 km)

Grace United Methodist Church    (19 km)

Pilgrim Guide Missionary Church    (19 km)

Rose of Sharon Baptist Church    (19 km)

Baptist Church    (20 km)

Dundee Community Church of the Nazarene    (20 km)

South Rockwood Methodist Church    (20 km)