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Kalamazoo  |  Michigan

Big Towns nearby

Kalamazoo Michigan    (4 km)

Towns nearby

Eastwood    (3 km)

Eastwood Michigan    (3 km)

Comstock Northwest    (4 km)

Cooper Township    (6 km)

Westwood    (6 km)

Westwood Michigan    (6 km)

Richland Township    (10 km)

Pavilion Township    (17 km)

Ross Township    (17 km)

Otsego Township    (20 km)

Smaller towns nearby

Comstock Northwest Michigan    (4 km)

Greater Galesburg    (11 km)

Alamo Township    (12 km)

Greater Galesburg Michigan    (12 km)

Galesburg    (13 km)

Galesburg Michigan    (13 km)

Plainwell    (14 km)

Plainwell Michigan    (14 km)

South Gull Lake    (15 km)

South Gull Lake Michigan    (15 km)

Prairieville Township    (17 km)

Charleston Township    (18 km)

Otsego    (18 km)

Otsego Michigan    (18 km)

Villages nearby

Richland    (11 km)

Richland Michigan    (11 km)

Augusta    (18 km)

Augusta Michigan    (18 km)

Other locations nearby

Northwood    (2 km)

Oakbrook Mobile Home Park    (2 km)

East Cooper    (3 km)

Highland Hills Mobile Home Park    (3 km)

Hillcrest Acres Mobile Home Park    (3 km)

Country Acres Village Mobile Home Park    (4 km)

Weatherstone Village Mobile Home Park    (4 km)

Evergreen Park Mobile Home Park    (5 km)

Cooper    (6 km)

Lakewood    (6 km)

Sherwood Forest Mobile Home Park    (6 km)

Americana Estates Mobile Home Park    (8 km)

East Comstock    (8 km)

Franklin Valley Estates Mobile Home Park    (8 km)

Meadow View Village Mobile Home Park    (8 km)

Millwood Mobile Home Park    (8 km)

Milwood    (8 km)

Selkirk Mobile Home Park    (8 km)

Colonial Manor Mobile Home Park    (9 km)

Oakwood    (9 km)

Wings Stadium    (9 km)

Colonial Acres Mobile Home Park    (10 km)

Lawndale    (10 km)

Richland Junction    (10 km)

Royal Estates Mobile Home Park    (10 km)

Fountain Springs Mobile Home Park    (11 km)

Huntington Run Mobile Home Park    (11 km)

Pavillion Estates Mobile Home Park    (11 km)

Alamo    (12 km)

Oshtemo    (12 km)

Doughertys Corners    (13 km)

Wyngate Farms Manufactured Home Community    (13 km)

Cressey    (14 km)

Gale Valley Estates Mobile Home Park    (14 km)

Highland Park    (14 km)

Howlandsburg    (14 km)

Andrews Estates Mobile Home Park    (15 km)

Collins Corner    (15 km)

Doster    (15 km)

Gull Lake    (15 km)

Yorkville    (15 km)

Gun River West Mobile Home Park    (16 km)

Pavillion Center    (16 km)

Ramona Park    (16 km)

Saddlebrook Farms Manufactured Home Community    (16 km)

Turners Corner    (16 km)

Watson s Mobile Home Park    (16 km)

Woodland Estates Mobile Home Park    (16 km)

Woodlawn Beach    (16 km)

Cooks Mill    (17 km)

Gun River Mobile Estates    (17 km)

Mentha    (17 km)

Midland Park    (17 km)

Oak Brook Estates Mobile Home Park    (17 km)

Pomeroy    (17 km)

Texas Corners    (17 km)

Neeley    (19 km)

Pavilion    (20 km)

Scotts    (20 km)

Landmarks nearby

Fort Custer Recreation Area    (19 km)

Churches nearby

By His Grace Church of God    (1 km)

Faith Temple Church of God    (1 km)

Parchment Christian Church    (very near)

Saint Ambrose Catholic Church    (very near)

Tabernacle Church of God in Christ    (very near)

Jehovah s Witnesses East Congregation    (2 km)

Spring Valley Church    (2 km)

Bethel Reformed Church    (3 km)

Calvary Apostolic Temple    (3 km)

Chicago Avenue Church of Christ    (3 km)

Church of Christ    (3 km)

Friendship Baptist Church    (3 km)

Galilee Baptist Church    (3 km)

Iglesia Evangelica Misionera    (3 km)

Lutheran Church of the Savior    (3 km)

Mount Calvary Christian Bible Church    (3 km)

Mount Zion Baptist Church    (3 km)

New Jerusalem Church of God    (3 km)

North Park Church    (3 km)

North Westnedge Church of Christ    (3 km)

Rock of Revelation Church    (3 km)

Saint James Church of God in Christ    (3 km)

Saint Mary Catholic Church    (3 km)

Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church    (4 km)

Baptist Church    (4 km)

Cathedral of Saint Augustine    (4 km)

Community Orthodox Church    (4 km)

Congregational Church    (4 km)

North Presbyterian Church    (4 km)

Presbyterian Church    (4 km)

Saint Augustine Cathedral    (4 km)

Trinity Temple    (4 km)

United Methodist Church    (4 km)

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church    (5 km)

Bethel Baptist Church    (5 km)

Calvary Chapel of Kalamazoo Valley    (5 km)

Christian Reformed Church    (5 km)

Hope Reformed Church    (5 km)

Hungarian Church of Kalamazoo    (5 km)

Kalamazoo College    (5 km)

Kalamazoo Friends Meeting    (5 km)

Kalamazoo Missionary Church    (5 km)

New Day Church    (5 km)

Northern Heights Church    (5 km)

Praise Baptist Church    (5 km)

Saint Joseph Catholic Church    (5 km)

Saint Lukes Episcopal Church    (5 km)

Saint Thomas More Catholic Church    (5 km)

Seventh Day Adventist Church    (5 km)

Trinity Lutheran Church    (5 km)

United Baptist Church    (5 km)

Vineyard Church of Kalamazoo    (5 km)

Agape Christian Church    (6 km)

Bethel Star Community Church    (6 km)

Church of God Westwood    (6 km)

Comstock Avenue Church of God    (6 km)

Comstock Christian Church    (6 km)

Immanuel Lutheran Church    (6 km)

Judson Church    (6 km)

Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church    (6 km)

Mall City Church of Christ    (6 km)

Stockbridge Avenue United Methodist Church    (6 km)

Temple B Nai Israel    (6 km)

Victory Worship Center    (6 km)

Westwood United Methodist Church    (6 km)

Free Will Baptist Church    (7 km)

Grace Fellowship Church    (7 km)

Kalamazoo Protestant Reformed Church    (7 km)

Lighthouse Baptist Church    (7 km)

Ravine Road Baptist Church    (7 km)

Reformed Church    (7 km)

Twin Lakes Church    (7 km)

Villa Saint Anthony Convent    (7 km)

Westwood Christian Reformed Church    (7 km)

Bethlehem Baptist Church    (8 km)

Christian Church of Disciples    (8 km)

Covenant United Reformed Church    (8 km)

Grace Christian Reformed Church    (8 km)

Greenwood Reformed Church    (8 km)

Hosanna Church    (8 km)

Milwood Christian Reformed Church    (8 km)

Milwood United Methodist Church    (8 km)

Saint Patrick Catholic Church    (8 km)

Trinity Reformed Church    (8 km)

Unity of Kalamazoo Church    (8 km)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints    (9 km)

Netherlands Reformed Congregation    (9 km)

Saint Monica Catholic Church    (9 km)

Southern Heights Christian Church    (9 km)

Heritage Christian Reformed Church    (10 km)

Westminster Presbyterian Church    (10 km)

Assembly of God Church    (11 km)

Church of the Nazarene    (11 km)

Faith Church    (11 km)

Kalamazoo Chinese Christian Church    (11 km)

Lighthouse Community Church    (11 km)

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church    (11 km)

Twelfth Street Baptist Church    (11 km)

Victory Baptist Church    (11 km)

Galesburg Baptist Church    (12 km)

Life Point Church    (12 km)

Portage United Church of Christ    (12 km)

Chapel Hill United Methodist Church    (13 km)

Church of Christ    (13 km)

Congregational United Church    (13 km)

Cornerstone Pentecostal Church    (13 km)

Jehovah s Witness Congregation    (13 km)

Portage Church of Christ    (13 km)

Saint James Lutheran Church    (13 km)

Saint Michael Lutheran Church    (13 km)

Valley View Church    (13 km)

Baptist Church of Portage    (14 km)

Christian Assembly of God Church    (14 km)

Friendship Wesleyan Church    (14 km)

Jehovah s Witnesses    (14 km)

Northwest Oshtemo Church    (14 km)

Oakland Drive Christian Church    (14 km)

Plainwell Assembly of God Church    (14 km)

Presbyterian Church    (14 km)

Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church    (14 km)

Saint Catherine of Siena Church    (14 km)

Saint Stephen s Episcopal Church    (14 km)

Calvary Church    (15 km)

Christ the King Parish    (15 km)

Hope Lutheran Church    (15 km)

Portage First United Methodist Church    (15 km)

Portage Free Methodist Church    (15 km)

Canaanland Church of God    (16 km)

Lord of Life Lutheran Church    (16 km)

Peace Church    (16 km)

Saint Ann Catholic Church    (16 km)

West Oshtemo Church    (16 km)

Amazing Grace Baptist Fellowship    (17 km)

Doster Church    (17 km)

Gull Lake Bible Church    (17 km)

Milo Bible Church    (17 km)

Prairie Edge Church    (17 km)

Augusta Fellowship United Methodist Church    (18 km)

Baptist Church    (18 km)

Bible Baptist Church    (18 km)

Calvary Church    (18 km)

Lake Center Church    (18 km)

Lakeland Church    (18 km)

Otsego Church of God    (18 km)

Saint Margaret s Catholic Church    (18 km)

Good Shepherd Nazarene Church    (19 km)

Hickory Corners Bible Church    (19 km)

Mapleview Church    (19 km)

Prairie Church    (19 km)

Scotts United Methodist Church    (20 km)