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Newcastle usually refers to either:

  • Newcastle upon Tyne, a city in Tyne and Wear, England
  • Newcastle, New South Wales, a metropolitan area in Australia

Newcastle or New Castle may also refer to:


Smaller towns nearby

Olney Texas    (19 km)

Olney    (20 km)

Villages nearby

Newcastle Texas    (very near)

Other locations nearby

Belknap    (5 km)

True    (10 km)

Proffitt    (12 km)

Proffitt Crossing    (14 km)

Jean    (16 km)

Red Top    (17 km)

Twin Mountains    (18 km)

Padgett    (19 km)

Churches nearby

Medlan Chapel    (14 km)

Pleasant Valley Church    (16 km)

Loving Highway Church of Christ    (17 km)

Baptist Church Graham    (18 km)

Bethel Baptist Church    (18 km)

Church of the Nazarene    (18 km)

Morningside Baptist Church    (18 km)

United Methodist Church of Graham    (18 km)

Church of Christ    (19 km)

Church of God    (19 km)

Cumberland Presbyterian Church    (19 km)

Faith Baptist Church    (19 km)

Faith Lutheran Church    (19 km)

Grace Chapel Church    (19 km)

Holy Spirit Episcopal Church    (19 km)

Saint Marys Catholic Church    (19 km)

Salem Methodist Church    (19 km)

Tonk Valley Church    (19 km)

Olney Assembly Church    (20 km)

Saint Luke Lutheran Church    (20 km)