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Upshur County Texas

Upshur  |  Texas


Upshur County is a county located in the eastern part of the U.S. state of Texas. As of the 2010 census, the population was 39,309. The county seat is Gilmer. The county is named for Abel P. Upshur who was U.S. Secretary of State during President John Tyler's administration.

Upshur County is part of the Longview, Texas Metropolitan Statistical Area as well as the Longview–Marshall, TX Combined Statistical Area.


Smaller towns nearby

Gilmer    (very near)

Gilmer Texas    (very near)

Villages nearby

East Mountain    (15 km)

East Mountain Texas    (16 km)

Union Grove Texas    (17 km)

Union Grove    (18 km)

Warren City    (20 km)

Warren City Texas    (20 km)

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Enoch    (6 km)

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Churches nearby

Baptist Church    (very near)

Cherokee Baptist Church    (very near)

Moses Chapel Church    (very near)

Saint Davids Episcopal Church    (very near)

Church of the Nazarene    (1 km)

Cypress Church of Christ    (1 km)

Hollis Chapel Church of God in Christ    (1 km)

Mount Gilead Baptist Church    (1 km)

Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church    (1 km)

Cherokee Missionary Church    (4 km)

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New Hopewell Church    (7 km)

Glade Creek Church    (8 km)

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Mount Olive Church    (10 km)

Oak Hill Church    (11 km)

Youngs Chapel    (11 km)

Concord Missionary Church    (12 km)

Lake Providence Church    (12 km)

Woodland Church    (12 km)

Holly Springs Church    (13 km)

Hopewell Church    (13 km)

Lone Pine Church    (13 km)

Oak Grove Church    (13 km)

Paradise Church    (13 km)

Pine Grove Tabernacle    (13 km)

Zion Hill Church    (13 km)

Harmony Church    (14 km)

New Hope Church    (15 km)

Browns Chapel    (16 km)

Johnson Chapel    (16 km)

Union Ridge Church    (16 km)

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Saint Merner Church    (17 km)

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Shady Grove Church    (20 km)