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Guadalupe  |  Texas

Staples may refer to:


Smaller towns nearby

Martindale    (8 km)

Redwood    (8 km)

Redwood Texas    (8 km)

Geronimo    (18 km)

Villages nearby

Martindale Texas    (8 km)

Prairie Lea    (10 km)

Weinert    (10 km)

Kingsbury    (15 km)

Kingsbury Texas    (16 km)

Geronimo Texas    (18 km)

Other locations nearby

Fentress    (6 km)

Galle    (9 km)

Reedville    (11 km)

Zorn    (11 km)

Maxwell    (12 km)

Stairtown    (13 km)

Centex    (15 km)

Joliet    (15 km)

Mineral Springs    (15 km)

San Marcos Texas    (15 km)

Strahan Coliseum    (15 km)

Barbarosa    (18 km)

Hunter    (18 km)

Lauback    (20 km)

Landmarks nearby

Meadows Center for Water and the Environment    (15 km)

Churches nearby

York Creek Church    (7 km)

Sweet Canaan Church    (11 km)

New Hope Baptist Church    (13 km)

Saint Johns Catholic Church    (14 km)

Baptist Church    (15 km)

Baptist Church Mission San Marcos    (15 km)

Fort Street Presbyterian Church    (15 km)

Kingsbury Baptist Church    (15 km)

Mineral Springs Church    (15 km)

Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ    (15 km)

United Methodist Church    (15 km)

United Pentecostal Church    (15 km)

Wesley Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church    (15 km)

Grace Lutheran Church    (16 km)

Presbyterian Church    (16 km)

Saint Marks Episcopal Church    (16 km)

Cemetery Chapel    (17 km)

Church of God of Prophecy    (17 km)

Community Baptist Church    (18 km)

Seventh Day Adventist Church    (18 km)

Union Hill Church    (18 km)

Canaan View Church    (19 km)

Church of Christ    (19 km)

Emmanuel Episcopal Church    (19 km)

Good Shepard Evangelical Church    (19 km)

Mount Pleasant Church    (19 km)

Ranch Road 12 Baptist Mission Church    (19 km)

Saint Johns United Baptist Church    (19 km)

San Miguel Church    (19 km)

Apostolic Church    (20 km)

Brazos Street Baptist Church    (20 km)

Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church    (20 km)

Saint Marks United Methodist Church    (20 km)

Trinity Baptist Church    (20 km)