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Smith  |  Kansas

Smith is most frequently used to refer to the most common English-language surname, Smith (surname). It may also refer to:


Smaller towns nearby

Smith Center    (very near)

Smith Center Kansas    (very near)

Villages nearby

Gaylord Kansas    (16 km)

Gaylord    (17 km)

Lebanon    (20 km)

Lebanon Kansas    (20 km)

Other locations nearby

Bellaire    (9 km)

Athol    (12 km)

Athol Kansas    (12 km)

Cora    (16 km)

Reamsville    (18 km)

Thornburg    (18 km)

Cedar    (19 km)

Cedar Kansas    (19 km)

Churches nearby

Christian Church    (very near)

Evangelical Free Church    (very near)

American Lutheran Church    (1 km)

Calvary Gospel Church    (1 km)

Grace Baptist Chruch    (very near)

Presbyterian Church    (very near)

Saint Mary s Catholic Church    (very near)

Smith Center Church of the Nazarene    (1 km)

Smith Center United Methodist Church    (very near)

Sonshine Christian Church    (very near)

Crystal Plains Church    (14 km)

Gaylord Church of the Nazarene    (16 km)

Gaylord Community Church    (16 km)

Lebanon Christian Church    (20 km)

Lebanon United Methodist Church    (20 km)