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Morningside Community Church

Gray  |  Kansas

Smaller towns nearby

Montezuma Township    (7 km)

Villages nearby

Montezuma Kansas    (very near)

Montezuma    (2 km)

Copeland Township    (15 km)

East Hess Township    (15 km)

Copeland    (18 km)

Copeland Kansas    (18 km)

Ensign    (19 km)

Ensign Kansas    (19 km)

Other locations nearby

Haggard    (11 km)

Churches nearby

Gospel Fellowship Church    (very near)

Montezuma United Methodist Church    (very near)

Montezuma Church of God in Christ    (5 km)

Homeland Mennonite Church    (7 km)

Cave Church    (15 km)

Copeland Christian Church    (18 km)

Copeland Untied Methodist Church    (18 km)

Mennonite Evangelical Church    (18 km)

Ensign United Methodist Church    (19 km)

Living Hope Mennonite Church    (20 km)