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Barber  |  Kansas

Smaller towns nearby

Medicine Lodge    (15 km)

Medicine Lodge Kansas    (15 km)

Kiowa    (16 km)

Kiowa Kansas    (16 km)

Medicine Lodge Township    (18 km)

Villages nearby

Hazelton Township    (15 km)

Sharon    (16 km)

Sharon Kansas    (16 km)

Elwood Township    (18 km)

Hardtner    (18 km)

Hardtner Kansas    (18 km)

Other locations nearby

Nippawalla Township    (1 km)

Moore Township    (7 km)

Pixley    (12 km)

Eagle Township    (14 km)

Hazelton    (15 km)

Hazelton Kansas    (15 km)

Stubbs    (16 km)

Churches nearby

Bethel Church    (12 km)

Union Church    (13 km)

Christian Church    (14 km)

Assembly of God Church    (15 km)

Community Bible Fellowship    (15 km)

Medicine Lodge Presbyterian Church    (15 km)

Medicine Lodge United Methodist Church    (15 km)

Saint Mark s Episcopal Church    (15 km)

Southern Baptist Church    (15 km)

Baptist Church    (16 km)

Congregational United Church    (16 km)

Holy Rosary Catholic Church    (16 km)

Kiowa Southern Baptist Church    (16 km)

Kiowa United Methodist Church    (16 km)

Saint Boniface Catholic Church    (16 km)

Saint John the Apostle Catholic Church    (16 km)

Trinity Lutheran Church    (16 km)

Apostolic Christian Church    (17 km)

Hardtner United Methodist Church    (18 km)