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Oakland skyline, with the old eastern span of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge in background

Oakland /ˈklənd/ is a major West Coast port city in the U.S. state of California. The Port of Oakland is the busiest port for San Francisco Bay and all of Northern California. Oakland is the third largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, the eighth-largest city in California, and the 45th-largest city in the U.S. with a population of 406,253 as of 2013. Incorporated in 1852, Oakland is the county seat of Alameda County. It serves as a major transportation hub and trade center for the entire region and is also the principal city of the Bay Area Region known as the East Bay. The city is situated directly across the bay, six miles (9.7 km) east of San Francisco.

Oakland's territory covers what was once a mosaic of coastal terrace prairie, oak woodland, and north coastal scrub. Its land served as a rich resource when its hillside oak and redwood timber were logged to build San Francisco, and Oakland's fertile flatland soils helped it become a prolific agricultural region. In the late 1860s, Oakland was selected as the western terminal of the Transcontinental Railroad. It continued to grow in the 20th century with its busy port, shipyards, and a thriving automobile manufacturing industry. Following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, many San Franciscans relocated to Oakland, enlarging the city's population, increasing its housing stock and improving its infrastructure.

A steady influx of immigrants during the 20th century, along with thousands of African-American war-industry workers who relocated from the Deep South during the 1940s, have made Oakland one of the most ethnically diverse major cities in the country. Oakland is known for its history of political activism, as well as its professional sports franchises and major corporations, which include health care, dot-com companies and manufacturers of household products. The city is a transportation hub for the greater Bay Area, and its shipping port is the fifth busiest in the United States.

Oakland has a Mediterranean climate with an average of 260 sunny days per year. Lake Merritt, a large estuary centrally located east of Downtown, was designated the United States' first official wildlife refuge. Jack London Square, named for the author and former resident, is a tourist destination on the Oakland waterfront.

While progress has been made in reducing the city's high property crime rate, violent crime has remained a persistent problem in Oakland, although this is primarily concentrated in certain neighborhoods. Oakland is continually listed among the top cities in the United States for sustainability practices, including a No. 1 ranking for usage of electricity from renewable resources. Significant portions of Oakland suffer from severe l 008000 ead contamination.

In recent years, Oakland has gained national recognition as a travel destination. In 2012, Oakland was named the top North American city to visit, highlighting its growing number of sophisticated restaurants and bars, top music venues, and increasing nightlife appeal. Oakland also took the No. 16 spot in "America's Coolest Cities," ranked by metrics like entertainment options and recreational opportunities per capita, etc. In 2013, Oakland topped the No. 1 spot in "America's Most Exciting Cities," notably having the most movie theaters, theater companies, and museums per square mile. In "America's Most Hipster Cities," Oakland took the No. 5 spot, cited for luring San Francisco "hippies" into the city.


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Berkeley California    (7 km)

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Alameda California    (5 km)

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Uptown Oakland    (very near)

Adams Point    (1 km)

Jack London    (1 km)

Jack London Square    (1 km)

Lakeside Apartments    (very near)

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Piedmont Avenue    (3 km)

San Antonio    (3 km)

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Golden Gate    (4 km)

Highland Park    (4 km)

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Alameda Point    (5 km)

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Fruitvale    (5 km)

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South Shore    (5 km)

Allendale    (6 km)

Blair Park    (6 km)

Claremont    (6 km)

Fernside    (6 km)

Montclair    (6 km)

San Francisco Bay Area    (6 km)

Downtown Berkeley    (7 km)

Laurel    (7 km)

Maxwell Park    (7 km)

Melrose    (7 km)

Panoramic Hill    (7 km)

Redwood Heights    (7 km)

Rochedale Village    (7 km)

Southside    (7 km)

California Memorial Stadium    (8 km)

Canyon    (8 km)

Leona Heights    (8 km)

Lockwood Gardens    (8 km)

Normandy Village    (8 km)

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Northside    (8 km)

Seminary Park    (8 km)

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Frank H Ogawa Plaza    (very near)

Oaksterdam    (very near)

Oaksterdam Oakland    (very near)

PolicyLink    (very near)

Children s Fairyland    (1 km)

College of California    (very near)

Downtown Oakland    (very near)

AMCO Chemical    (2 km)

Camino of Rancho San Antonio    (3 km)

Dopo / Adesso    (3 km)

Integrated Support Command Alameda    (3 km)

Morcom Rose Garden    (3 km)

Pixar    (3 km)

Wind River Systems    (3 km)

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Ina Coolbrith    (4 km)

Joint BioEnergy Institute    (4 km)

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Romualdo Pacheco    (5 km)

Aquatic Park    (6 km)

La Peña Cultural Center    (6 km)

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California Jazz Conservatory    (7 km)

International Computer Science Institute    (7 km)

People s Park    (7 km)

Revival Bar and Kitchen    (7 km)

Shattuck Avenue    (7 km)

Advanced Light Source    (8 km)

Berkeley oak grove controversy    (8 km)

Cheese Board Collective    (8 km)

Eastshore State Park    (8 km)

Institute of Transportation Studies    (8 km)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory    (8 km)

National Center for Electron Microscopy    (8 km)

Oakland firestorm of 1991    (8 km)

Ohlone Park    (8 km)

Sather Tower    (8 km)

Churches nearby

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Cathedral of Christ the Light    (very near)

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Coopers African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church    (very near)

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Grand Avenue Seventh Day Adventist Church    (1 km)

Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption    (1 km)

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Methodist Church    (very near)

Mingleton Temple Church of God in Christ    (very near)

Mount Gilead Baptist Church    (1 km)

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church    (1 km)

Oakland Revival Tabernacle    (very near)

Pentecostal House of Truth    (1 km)

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Saint Augustines Church    (1 km)

Saint Francis De Sales Cathedral    (very near)

Saint George Serbian Orthodox Church    (1 km)

Saint Johns Missionary Baptist Church    (1 km)

Saint Mark Christian Methodist Episcopal Church    (1 km)

Saint Marys Roman Catholic Church    (very near)

Saint Pauls Episcopal Church    (1 km)

Seventh Church of Christ Scientist    (1 km)

Taylor Memorial Methodist Church    (1 km)

True Vine Missionary Baptist Church    (very near)

Welsh Presbyterian Church    (very near)

West Oakland Church of God    (1 km)

William Chapel Missionary Baptist Church    (very near)

African Methodist Episcopal Church    (2 km)

Bible Fellowship Baptist Church    (2 km)

Center Street Baptist Church    (2 km)

Church of God in Christ    (2 km)

Church of the Living God    (2 km)

Concord Baptist Church    (2 km)

Faith Tabernacle    (2 km)

Faith Tabernacle Church of Christ    (2 km)

Fourth Church of Christ Scientist    (2 km)

Golden Gate Baptist Church    (2 km)

Grand Lake Lutheran Church    (2 km)

Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church    (2 km)

Japanese Seventh Day Adventist Church    (2 km)

Lake Park United Methodist Church    (2 km)

Lakeside Baptist Church    (2 km)

Lakeside Unity Temple    (2 km)

Macedonia Baptist Church    (2 km)

Market Street Seventh Day Adventist Church    (2 km)

Mission Covenant Church    (2 km)

Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church    (2 km)

Mount Carmel Baptist Church    (2 km)

Mount Mariah Baptist Church    (2 km)

Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church    (2 km)

Mount Zion Spiritual Temple Church    (2 km)

New Hope Baptist Church    (2 km)

North Oakland Baptist Church    (2 km)

Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church    (2 km)

Perry Temple Church of God in Christ    (2 km)

Saint Andrews Roman Catholic Church    (2 km)

Saint Marks Greater Missionary Baptist Church    (2 km)

Saint Matthew Missionary Baptist Church    (2 km)

Saint Patricks Roman Catholic Church    (2 km)

Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church    (2 km)

Seventh Avenue Missionary Baptist Church    (2 km)

Solid Rock Baptist Church    (2 km)

Temple Sinai    (2 km)

Trinity Baptist Church    (2 km)

True Gospel Baptist Church    (2 km)

Unitarian Church    (2 km)

Wesley Center First Methodist Episcopal Church    (2 km)

Alameda Chapel    (3 km)

Assembly of God Church    (3 km)

Beebee Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church    (3 km)

Brooklyn Presbyterian Church    (3 km)

Central Lutheran Church    (3 km)

Christ Holy Sanctified Church    (3 km)

Church of St James the Apostle    (3 km)

Evergreen Baptist Church    (3 km)

Foothill Boulevard Baptist Church    (3 km)

Galatians Missionary Baptist Church    (3 km)

Gospel Auditorium    (3 km)

Grace Temple Baptist Church    (3 km)

Grand Avenue Alliance Church    (3 km)

Immanuel Baptist Church    (3 km)

Italian Christian Apostolic Church    (3 km)

Lake Shore Baptist Church    (3 km)

Morning Star Church of God in Christ    (3 km)

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Saint Anthonys Church    (3 km)

Saint Anthonys Convent    (3 km)

Saint Leos Roman Catholic Church    (3 km)

Saint Paulus Evangelical Lutheran Church    (3 km)

Saint Philips Lutheran Church    (3 km)

Saint Vartans Armenian Apostolic Church    (3 km)

Thirtyseventh Street Baptist Church    (3 km)

Trinity Lutheran Church    (3 km)

Alameda Seventh Day Adventist Church    (4 km)

Bethany Baptist Church    (4 km)

Centennial Presbyterian Church    (4 km)

Christ Episcopal Church    (4 km)

Christ Holy Sanctified Pentecostal Church    (4 km)

Christian Apostolic Faith Church    (4 km)

Downs Memorial United Methodist Church    (4 km)

Ebenezer Church of God in Christ    (4 km)

Emmanuel Presbyterian Church    (4 km)

Evening Shade Baptist Church    (4 km)

Faith Presbyterian Church    (4 km)

Good Shepherd Methodist Church    (4 km)

Immanuel Lutheran Church    (4 km)

Mary Help of Christians Church    (4 km)

Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church    (4 km)

Mount Sinai Church of God in Christ    (4 km)

New Light Baptist Church    (4 km)

Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church    (4 km)

Piedmont Community Church    (4 km)

Saint Barnabus Roman Catholic Church    (4 km)

Saint Margarets Roman Catholic Church    (4 km)

Saint Pauls Lutheran Church    (4 km)

Saint Stephens Methodist Church    (4 km)

Spanish Baptist Church    (4 km)

Temple Beth Jacob    (4 km)

The Gospel Chapel    (4 km)

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church    (4 km)

Westside Baptist Church    (4 km)

All Nations Church of Christ    (5 km)

Basilica of St Joseph    (5 km)

Bethany Congregational Church    (5 km)

Bethany Missionary Baptist Church    (5 km)

Buddhist Temple of Alameda    (5 km)

Buena Vista United Methodist Church    (5 km)

Calvary Gospel Church    (5 km)

Central Baptist Church    (5 km)

Christian Temple Church    (5 km)

Church of Christ of the Golden Gate    (5 km)

College Avenue United Presbyterian Church    (5 km)

Convent of the Sisters of Saint Dominic    (5 km)

Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church    (5 km)

Ephesian Church of God in Christ    (5 km)

Fruitvale Christian Church    (5 km)

Fruitvale Congregational Church    (5 km)

Galilee Missionary Baptist Church    (5 km)

Philips Temple Church    (5 km)

Progressive Baptist Church    (5 km)

Saint Columbas Roman Catholic Church    (5 km)

Saint Elizabeth Roman Catholic Church    (5 km)

Saint Jarlaths Roman Catholic Church    (5 km)

Saint John Orthodox Church    (5 km)

Saint Josephs Roman Catholic Church    (5 km)

Saint Peters Episcopal Church    (5 km)

Saint Theresa Roman Catholic Church    (5 km)

Shattuck Avenue United Methodist Church    (5 km)

South Berkeley Community Congregational Church    (5 km)

Temple Israel    (5 km)

University Baptist Church    (5 km)

Alameda Baptist Chapel    (6 km)

Allendale Community Pentecostal Holiness Church    (6 km)

Ascension Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Oakland    (6 km)

Berkeley Seventh Day Adventist Church    (6 km)

Berkeley United Methodist Church    (6 km)

Bethlehem Temple    (6 km)

Brookshire Baptist Church    (6 km)

Calvary Chapel    (6 km)

Christian Layman Church    (6 km)

Christian Reformed Church    (6 km)

Church By The Side Of The Road    (6 km)

Church of God    (6 km)

Church of the Brethren    (6 km)

Court Street Methodist Episcopal Church    (6 km)

Deliverance Temple Church    (6 km)

Evangelical Baptist Church    (6 km)

Faith Chapel Church of God in Christ    (6 km)

Finnish Lutheran Church    (6 km)

Free Church    (6 km)

Fruitvale Presbyterian Church    (6 km)

Grove Street Christian Church    (6 km)

High Street Presbyterian Church    (6 km)

McGee Avenue Baptist Church    (6 km)

Montclair Methodist Church    (6 km)

Olive Grove Missionary Baptist Church    (6 km)

Pillar of Fire Church    (6 km)

Russian Orthodox Memorial Church    (6 km)

Saint Clements Church    (6 km)

Saint Clements Episcopal Church    (6 km)

Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church    (6 km)

Saint Philip Neri Roman Catholic Church    (6 km)

South Berkeley Church of Christ    (6 km)

Victory Temple Full Gospel Church    (6 km)

Zion Baptist Church    (6 km)

Zion Lutheran Church    (6 km)

Apostolic Lutheran Church    (7 km)

Berkeley Chinese Community Church    (7 km)

Bethany Lutheran Church    (7 km)

Chinese Baptist Church    (7 km)

Christ Chapel Church    (7 km)

Church of the Cross    (7 km)

Church of the Good Shepherd    (7 km)

Congregational Church    (7 km)

Covenant Presbyterian Church    (7 km)

Durant Avenue United Presbyterian Church    (7 km)

Faith American Lutheran Church    (7 km)

Laurel Methodist Church    (7 km)

Liberty Hill Baptist Church    (7 km)

Melrose Assembly of God Church    (7 km)

Melrose Baptist Church    (7 km)

Melrose Methodist Episcopal Church    (7 km)

Missionary God In Christ Church    (7 km)

Newman Center    (7 km)

Ninth Church of Christ Scientist    (7 km)

Orthodox Catholic Church    (7 km)

Pilgrim Lutheran Church    (7 km)

Saint Johns Presbyterian Church    (7 km)

Saint Lawrence O Toole Roman Catholic Church    (7 km)

Saint Marks Episcopal Church    (7 km)

Trinity United Methodist Church    (7 km)

University Lutheran Chapel    (7 km)

Vedanta Society Church    (7 km)

All Souls Episcopal Church    (8 km)

Berkeley Unitarian Church    (8 km)

Beth El Congregation Temple    (8 km)

Calvary Presbyterian Church    (8 km)

Calvary Temple Assembly of God Church    (8 km)

Friends Church    (8 km)

Lutheran Church    (8 km)

Mills Terrace Christian Church    (8 km)

Mount Zion Baptist Church    (8 km)

New Pilgrim Congregational Church    (8 km)

North Congregational Church    (8 km)

Saint Albert Roman Catholic Church    (8 km)

Saint Andrews Episcopal Church    (8 km)

Saint Bernards Convent    (8 km)

Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church    (8 km)