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Delportshoop is located in South Africa

Delportshoop is a town in Frances Baard District Municipality in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

Village at the confluence of the Harts and Vaal rivers. It developed from a diamond-diggers’ camp and is said to have given the name after the first person to find diamonds there. The public diggings were proclaimed in November 1871, a village management board was instituted in 1931, and municipal status attained in 1970.

Two Tswana names for Delportshoop are encountered, namely Tsineng, also spelt Tsining, Tsening, Tsenin and Tsoneng, and Dekgathlong, also spelt Dekhath-long, Dekatlong, Dekgathlong, Dikgatlhong, Likatlong and Likhat-lhong. The latter name means ‘meeting-place’, referring to the confluence of the Vaal and Harts rivers there.


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